Many Youth Are Stolen

(August 14,18, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)


They wander through the land not

knowing that the thieves disguised

in white powder and other chemicals

hide and wait.


They hide only as a necessary precaution

as some with badges come to arrest and

sometimes to assist in itís flow

however it still sneaks and waits.


Then came the young and the old.

Daughter and son, some were neighbors

and those you really know.


Although willful victims they were told of the thief

in the day and night. However they still allowed themselves

as young bait as they helped set the trap.


Then came the enslavement as they

thrived on things lab and man-made.

These things produced the scum of the earth

as all morals, values and human decency

left with those who bred a heart of larceny.


Many parasites thus arose with no shame.

Neither was there fame on the horizon as

the search for money became an endless game.


In their sleep they hailed Madame Cocaine.

Gone were the days of smiles and that

natural love. Love became hate as self

suffered and families became lost.


All days hence are days that speak

lies upon lies as those that lie will steal

They will also kill as a wicked roulette

was played with life and those that loved

them cried out in pain and many people

wept all through the night and the day.



Sadly we look on but realizing

that the kidnapper the wicked thief

had help.






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