The conflict of Spirits abound. They are revealed as good and evil. Many deny the evil and the good.

Do they also deny the wind, the rain, the moon, the sun, and the stars? There is a tree planted by the rivers of waters, will it bring the fruit of the righteous or the unrighteous.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal

The Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge


(Ungodly Blasphemy)

Part 9: The Sins of Materialism In The Church

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We greet you in the name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. We do not come to convert nor belittle Christianity or any other religion. As we speak to those that believe in the Creator we respect the people of the world that believe in God.

Nonetheless our specific message is directed to the lost, so-called Christians and the true Christians. How can you distinguish a true Christian from the lost and so-called Christians? The fruit of the true Christian is righteousness and measured with compassion and love. You cannot be a true Christian and hold onto the world. (Psalm 1: 1-2)

This is not a complicated issue. Many ways of the world are noted in the Bible. Various ways in which Satan affects all people and the church are also recorded in the Bible. Throughout this series we have discussed several examples of Satan and the world infecting the church with sin. However, how can so many Preaches and other so-called Christians accept the ways of the world and blaspheme the church?

The FreedomJournal responds to the previous question by noting the following: The historical development of the Black church was based on economic exploitation. The people Kidnapped from "The Land of the Blacks," were brought to the Americas as free laborers. Thus the people who captured these people and sold them to land owners were involved in an economic enterprise. The record shows that the agricultural system of the southern U.S. and throughout the Caribbean Basin thrived and profited from a system of free forced labor.

As we continue our brief overview of the historical development of economic exploitation in the Black church, we see another significant development. Religion has always been a driving force in the hearts and minds of most people that have inhabited the planet earth. The people taken by force from "The Land of the Blacks," are historically spiritual people.

The roots of African traditional religions were tied to the music that came from the drum or drums. However in what is now the U.S. the drums were taken away from the people who became members of a cotton chain-gang throughout the American south. Meanwhile, they replaced their culture with a new and foreign culture. Therefore, a vile and wretched economic system deprived these economic prisoners of their own culture. Thus these captured people became prisoners of money and race.

It is difficult to manipulate and exploit people through their own culture and customs. Therefore the prison camps of the south and the wardens of cotton forced a foreign and new culture onto these people. Christianity had not had the impact in West Africa that it had in East Africa. Also the Christianity that spread from Jerusalem and Antioch down into Africa was not influenced by greedy cotton barons who willfully defiled the Holy Bible. Thus, in the plantation south we see the willful distortion of the Bible to control a free labor force. Here we see that the Bible and Christianity became ungodly tools of oppression and economic exploitation. This ungodly mis-use of the Word of God set the precedent for materialism in the Black church.

This precedent of economic exploitation continues to affect the Black church. Therefore if many Black churches have a major emphasis on materialism, the preacher must also share these views. Again we note that this is not a complicated issue. It is not complicated because one can quickly and easily determine whom the world and Satan in the Black church have inspired and who is inspired by God? For the record the FreedomJournal does not assign godliness to those that have the most money or the rich Preacher.

Therefore how much money he has does not measure one's closeness to God. The world measures man's worth by his wealth. The church feels that all of humanity is rich with the knowledge of God the Father who created and owns all the wealth of the world.

As God frowns on the sin in the church, we are very disturbed that many of our churches have turned away from sin. Thus, many of our churches teach the false doctrine of prosperity and money as a priority in your Christian experiences. Many churches allow scandalous music like Rap and Hip Hop in the church. We see homosexuals in the pulpit, on the Deacon Board in the choirs and directing many of our church choirs.

Whoremongers, gamblers, prostitutes abound in many churches, yet they do not seek to repent, show guilt or try to correct their sinful ways. 1 Corinthians 5: 1-3 gives us a scriptural base for dealing with discipline in the church. Therefore all Christians should have some understanding of their responsibility to identify and correct sin in the church. Nevertheless, what is the problem? The problem is that many so-called Christians, this includes Preachers, Deacons and various other officers in the church do not go by the Bible.

Therefore these people go by the ways of the world and what feels good. Meanwhile they dispute, deny and act ignorant as to the scriptures that denounce their ungodly actions. Money and materialism will not bring you eternal Peace and Paradise. The FreedomJournal seeks earthly Joy and the eternal bliss granted to the righteous that often have to sacrifice.

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