Writers Note: The True Christian can distinguish between the world and the church. If you are in the church and you have confusion about what is of the World, Satan and what defiles the church, you have not submitted to God.

You don't take a tooth-pick to a bear fight? Do you take roller skates to the ice skate? Do you eat turnip greens without corn-bread? The Bible is found in the church and not comic books, Tabloids and lottery tickets.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal

The Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge


(Ungodly Blasphemy)

Part 8: What Is So-Called Christian Rap and Hip Hop Music?

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We thank God for granting us the strength to record His messages of Truth. From the beginning man has embraced evil and resisted the power and authority of God the Creator of the world. Again we appeal to those who have knowledge of the Word and the lost.

The FreedomJournal is a servant of God. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to witness to the world. We are not in the Blessing business nor are we in the Judging business. God alone has that power. However, we bear witness that those that have been under the Word should be able to distinguish between what is evil and what is good.

Evidently many people in Black churches are not saved. Thus, when they accepted Jesus Christ they did not become a new creature. Therefore, their minds, souls and physical bodies are still in the world from which they came. This is the most straightforward response we can make concerning the invasion of Satan and the world in the Black church.

Before we move to a discussion on contemporary Gospel Rap and Hip Hop, we will note a very important point on Gospel music. Thus, in response to our critics we note the following:

We cannot relate gospel music to Rap and the ungodly, contemporary Gospel. We realize that there was some opposition to Gospel when it was introduced by Thomas Dorsey in 1932. For an example of the sacredness of this music I invite you to listen to "Precious Lord Take My Hand."

This moving and often spell-binding song was written by the legendary and divinely gifted Thomas A. Dorsey.

Some of our greatest and soul-stirring singers have recorded this song. Marion Williams, Mahalia Jackson, C.L. Franklin, Aretha Franklin, The Gospel Southernaires are some of the most prominent. The lyrical rendition and the arrangement of Precious Lord rendered by these creative artists is a tribute to Almighty God. These artists also are a credit to the song-writer who stated that he wished that this song would always be sung with a feeling.

The brief and clear critique of contemporary Gospel is found in the term cross-over. God does not cross-over to Satan. Thus Satan inspires the cross-over, and clearly Satan is ungodly. The music industry in their desire to market music and personalities thrive on cross-over as a means to maximize profits. However, sacred music knows no cross-over.

True Christians do not sing to be paid by man. Let me say that again. Economic gain (as performing artists) does not motivate True Christians. Thus anyone who enters Gospel music and conforms to the world has lost sight of God. We ask your prayers for the very few true Christian Gospel singers. We pray that they will stay with God and not allow Satan to tempt them with money, fame and a puffed-up worldly spirit. We also invite your prayers for the ungodly that seek to disgrace the church and our sacred music.

An avid reader of the FreedomJournal made several comments on the article in this series that noted the ungodly nature of Prosperity Ministers. The following are several quotations from this Sister's comments:

"So-called Prosperity/Televangelist are taking this nonsense to a level I never thought I would see. A sister on "Wheel of Fortune" asks her church family to pray for her as she spins the wheel. A Gospel choir in the audience sings for Bob Barker on the "Price Is Right," not to mention the singers of filthy songs thanking their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for wining various awards handed out by Devils."

This Sister goes on to say that many women in the church and TV Ministers are painted like Jezebels and in various stages of undress. Thus she notes that she sees the Black church as a hindrance rather than a mechanism to get closer to God.

The FreedomJournal realizes that these are very critical statements but they are true for the most part. However the most crucial aspect of her statements is that she is turned away from the Black church. This Sister is like many other people in the Black community. They have seen so much confusion and ungodly behavior in the Black church they have looked elsewhere for Spiritual help. The World and Satan are destroying the Black church. When many people see the same performers in clubs performing in the Black church, they get sick. It is a sick sin to see homosexuals that have failed in the worldly music scene flip-flopping back and forth from soul to Gospel and even organizing churches and preaching.

It is sickening to see athletes, who wannabe singers donate money to a church or a TV Evangelist and attempt to sing Gospels. It is sad to see fallen Rock and Rap Stars invade the Gospel music scene with the blasphemy of so-called Christian Rap.

A Gospel group with a name like Gospel Gangstaz should send a negative message to a Christian. Even a Christian that is a babe in Christ. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide all Christians. If you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, ask God, we have not because we ask not.

We have no power but we come to warn and condemn. WE bear witness that those who seek to defile the church with the music of Satan you will get your just reward. We declare that those who claim to sing in the name of God dressed like harlots and whores will also be judged by God.

Let it be written that those that dance to the so-called Rap Gospel like they dance in the night clubs of the world will also see the darkness of the light. It is for certain that those who have placed God and Jesus in the midst of ungodly lyrics are also preparing for the fire.

We warn the Preachers, the record companies and the Pimps of Gospel Rap that the wages of sin is death. We also warn the older people in the Black church who should know better to stop destroying our youth. Stop telling them it is OK to play with God, because Rap music in the church is blasphemy.

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