Writers Note: We bear witness that the False Prophets bring dis-credit to the Godly Black Preachers. We pray that the Godly Black Preachers will continue to stand for God. We also pray that the ungodly Black Preachers will come to the knowledge of God before it is too late.

What is most important for a Black Preacher?

1. A man called by God and one who follows God.

2. A man who has obtained advanced degrees in Theology.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal

The Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge


(Ungodly Blasphemy)

Part 5: Old Con Games, New Con Games

In the name of God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The FreedomJournal is a servant and vessel for Almighty God. As we walk in the Spirit, we bear witness that we have come to glorify God. We do not come for fame, prestige, honors and material wealth. Thus our mission of popularity is with God and not man. God has all power and God is who we serve.

As we seek to further develop our topic on the world and Satan in the Black church we will now take a brief look at measures of exploitation in the church. What was the historic defilement of the church? Also, is there a historical record of precedents for exploitation in the church?

E. Franklin Frazier in his brilliant research, "The Negro Church In America, gives us several statements that can apply to our particular topic. Previously we noted that there was opposition to the slaves worshiping because of the precedents laid down by those who led slave revolts. However, Frazier brings in another dynamic.

"The whites were always on guard against African religious practices which could provide an opportunity for slave revolts, and they outlawed such practices. They sought to bring the slaves under the influence of Christianity. This was accomplished in part by acquainting the slaves with the Bible."

We eventually see arguments for and against allowing the slaves to enter Christianity. We also see arguments for and against the slaves being exposed to the Bible. These arguments related to the fear of teaching the slaves the Bible and the laws against teaching slaves to read and write. They

also feared that the slaves would find in the Bible the notion of human equality. Frazier notes the following:

"Opposition to teaching the Negro the Bible declined as masters became convinced that sufficient justification for slavery could be found in the New Testament. Some masters also became convinced that some of their best slaves were those who could read the Bible."

Therefore it is logical to conclude that the old con games of Christian exploitation were based on lies. The record shows though at this time that a litany of lies were used to control and economically exploit the labor power of slaves. From our analysis economics still motivates the lies, con games and methods of exploitation. Did lies of manipulation and economic exploitation from the slave masters have an affect on Preachers that have allowed the world into the church? Did the slave Preachers and the early Black Preachers establish the precedents for the con games of lies? Also, did these falsehoods render a system of selfish materialism by ungodly Preachers? Also did this system financed by poor Black congregations become confused regarding the balance between the support of the Preacher, the church and God's kingdom.

Black people were poor during the early days of the Black church. However, many Black Preachers became influenced by an attitude very similar to street hustlers and Pimps. We argue that smooth-talking Devils who had a gift for lies and deceptions exploited the illiterate and semi- illiterate people in the Black community. As slick con men of the old school, these False Prophets sold prayer cloths, the blood of Jesus and dispensed lottery numbers to confused Black people who possessed natural spiritual inclinations. The contemporary period has produced a new cadre of Devilish False Prophets. This group of Hell bent Demons are more sophisticated, polished and often well educated. For the record, are schools of Theology proving grounds for Preachers to glorify man and not God?

The New Con Games of deceptions and lies have a basic tenet noted in all aspects of the Confidence Game. Here we find that winning the trust of the person you are "playing on" is the most important objective of all Con men and women. The so-called Preachers have an advantage because most people that come to church realize a certain responsibility and loyalty to their faith, the Preacher and the church.

The low-down Devil sent Preacher takes advantage of the love and respect Black people have for God and God's messengers. Thus they manipulate these gullible people to follow them and not God. Thus, establishing blind obedience to them as their father and not God the father. (May God have mercy on the lost souls who commit these acts of blasphemy and shame)?

Meanwhile we see that the result of blind obedience and winning the trust of the people is to: "Get Paid." There are also some clear examples of how many of these sinful creatures carry out these crimes against God and the church.

One very prominent example of the confidence game by False Prophets is found in the lies of the Prosperity Ministries. In our previous article in this series we noted several points on the lies of

so-called Prosperity Ministers. Prosperity Ministries have taken root in the so-called Black middle-class who often think they can pay their way to Peace and Paradise. Materialism drives many Blacks in the so-called Black middle-class. Thus, the great tricks of Prosperity Ministries are planted in fertile ground among people that have embraced money as their little god. Nonetheless, we will move the discussion onto other approaches that False Prophets use to carry out their missions of sin and blasphemy.

The contemporary False Prophets have an open door policy with the world, Satan and the result is sin and more sin. The False Prophets of today's church allow anything in the world into their churches, if they pay. Thus, they allow homosexuals, lesbians, criminals and every other low life creature in the church without question. God' house is a place for all sinners to come for forgiveness and help with their problems. God's house is not a place for practicing criminals, and homosexuals to come to congregate and socialize. God is love and this love extends to all of his people but, He does not love sin.

The Bible teaches the Christians to love all people but the Bible does not teach Christians to love sin. However, the false prophets don't care about sin, they only care about money. Thus, with an open door policy they attempt to redefine the church. Therefore, the submission to God is not important to these Devils. If you have money and are willing to give to the Preacher to further maintain his lavish life-style they allow you to enter and receive the earthly blessings of a Devil sent Preacher.

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