(The Rogues and Scoundrels of the Black Church)

Greetings Mr. Thompson,

The FreedomJournal is grateful for your comments. We welcome the opportunity to further note the realities of the Word of God.

The following statement is a preface and a response to your interest in defining the various aspects of the word prosperity. We declare as we thought was obvious that the prosperity we are talking about is money. All Christians are aware of the various other means of prosperity that God allows the believers and the Godly.

You mention that Mr.Creflo $ollar, your Pastor and other Pastors have different assignments. For example you note that Mr. $ollar has been assigned the task by God to preach on financial prosperity. Mr. Thompson are you really serious to suggest or advocate that God called Preachers to do a special task. Thus you seem to infer that other needs go unanswered. Your Pastor Bishop Mack Timberlake, Jr. is very confused if he thinks that God only called him to specialize on marital prosperity. Preachers called by God are commissioned to preach on all of the needs of the people and not some specialty.

Your third point seems to answer your confusion about the special assignments of Preachers and what is Prosperity. In fact you answer your own question. Ingrained in this statement we find that you have a good working knowledge of Prosperity and how it is used in the Spiritual realm.

"I believe that every time a preacher delivers a sermon, that sermon is about prosperity in a certain area. Even messages that come from end-time prophecy teachers are about prosperity in the area of obtaining accurate knowledge about end-time events. Prosperity is prosperity; no matter how you roll the dices the result is still prosperity. (Of course we do not agree with relating Gambling, and rolling dices with anything Spiritual).

Your fourth point seeks somehow to compare me with Jim Baker. Surely you must be joking. However, the question of the False Prophets that are destroying the Black church is a very serious question. I failed to see any comparison. I am Black and I am not a preacher. Also I am not, nor have I ever been a thief and liar. Also, I have not had a harem of sexual deviants and claim to be a man of God.

The scriptures do not note prosperity in the areas of money. God does not propose that money will save you. The Truth of God will bring all of the prosperity one needs. Mr. Thompson you are not a Christian are you are not saved and just a church goer if you believe in such falsehoods. When you note the so-called parallels between Mr. $ollar and his idea of faith as similar to the faith one has in motivational speakers you are stepping on the Word of God. Do you know that it is blasphemy to compare secular faith to spiritual faith?

To say that there is no difference between secular faith and spiritual faith and faith is faith; no matter how you roll the dices is the talk of the unbelievers. Meanwhile we argue that this is the talk of the False Prophets that have brought the ungodly world into the church. Mr. Thompson Christianity is not a gamble. There is no comparison to secular faith and spiritual faith. Man does not compare to God. God has all power and man only has the power that God will allow.

Mr. $ollar as you know has a Ministry based solely on money. This is ungodly. Also Mr. $ollar has been known to ask people to leave his church if they cannot pay a certain amount of money. God has not told any Preacher to collect church memberís financial records (Tax Statements) to tax them for dues, tithes, offerings. WHAT YOU GIVE TO THE CHURCH IS BETWEEN YOU AND GOD. YOU CANNOT PAY YOUR WAY INTO THE KINGDOM. IF YOU DO NOT GIVE AND HAVE IT TO GIVE GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT. WE DO NOT NEED $OLLAR AND OTHER HELL BENT PROSPERITY PREACHERS TELLING US WHAT WE SHOULD GIVE TO GOD. The Prosperity Preachers have gotten confused or they are playing a wicked Con Game. "Give to Them and Not God."

The FreedomJournal declares that any Ministry that places anything over God is a curse, wicked, ungodly and Hell bent. Let us make it plain to you Mr. Thompson. The Godly prosperity Ministries are grounded in a primary emphasis on the Truth of God. You cannot enter the kingdom with Gold on your mind. Your "Name It and Claim It Ministry," will be a trip to Hell and not Peace and Paradise.

Your scripture references prove that God is a God of prosperity. However God is a God of overall prosperity and not a God of material wealth. Please stop telling your people lies and for sure stop lying to yourself.


Carl A. Patton, FreedomJournal

The Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge

FreedomJournal: Notes in Black History


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