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To the Christians, Jews and Gentiles:

Writer's Note: This is the final article in our look at the Impact of Irresponsible Women in the Church. This final article will call into account various scripture references that bring more clarity to our topic. The series began with Irresponsible Women in the Church. In the introductory article we noted that many of these problems are in most churches but our emphasis is on the Black church. Part 2: Why Preachers Go Along With Irresponsible Women revealed that many Black Preachers enter the ministry for the wrong reasons.

Part 3: Irresponsible Women: Impact on Men in the Church revealed that the ungodly attitude of concubines and whores and Preachers have caused many men to leave the church. Part 4: Irresponsible Women: Impact on the Church revealed that the worldly attitude of money and sex has literally destroyed most of our churches. Thus, this final article in the series hopefully will bring the previous topics in to better focus from a Biblical view point.

The strong evidence of corruption and flash backs to Sodom and Gomorrah is ruining many of our contemporary churches. The Freedom Journal of Psyche Z Publishing is committed to bring this question up for review as a warning to those that seek to destroy the House of God. We pray that the Preachers that have gotten involved in these crimes against God and man will repent and put his eyes on God instead of money and the flesh. We also pray that those who have chosen the harlot's role will shed this way of defilement and come back to God.

The church has historically been a rallying point for the Black community. The Spiritual nature of Black and African people was evident well before the coming of the slave ship Jesus and those who placed the African in bondage. As the African slave became adjusted to a new environment in America many aspects of his culture were stolen and removed from his presence.

But can another man steal or rob one of their spiritual soul? Christianity for Blacks in America was born and bred in the souls of Black folk. This new brand of Christianity took on the ancient elements of African religions which were passed down by the ancestors of African people. As a creative people the African in America took Christianity that had already been built on African religions and developed it further.

Therefore, did Blacks in America develop their own Christianity? Did they tactfully reveal in Black Christianity many of the aspects of their native religions? Is there some relationship to Black people praying and singing in cotton fields that reveal a unique aspect of the Black church? Are Gospels and Spirituals rooted in Africa, or slave America, or both? For the record the contemporary Black churches that denounce Gospels and Spirituals and the way our ancestors called a prayer is another modern day abomination. The legacy of Black Spirituality is rooted in the ways our forefathers worshiped when our people were brought to the shores of North America. The Black church should get back on their knees and pray. The churches that don't excel in Gospels should at least sing some songs that denote our roots instead of tired contemporary songs that have very little meaning and do not stir the Holy Ghost. Where did all of this foolishness come from? Did it come from a contemporary church con-game that is built around prosperity teaching? The teaching of materialistic values above or equal to God's values is ungodly.

The Africans who came to be called the Black Americans were people placed in bondage in a strange land. The experience of slavery caused these people to become even more Spiritual. As God blessed these people with freedom, many began to turn away from God. Many Preachers that had been enlisted by the slave master to control the slaves still sought to Preach and teach a slave religion. This religion has always defied the divine nature of God and contradicts God's love for all humankind. As the ungodly Preachers continued to carry-out their mission of deceit they became obsessed with money and flesh.

Meanwhile, the contemporary scene reveals a dreadful dilemma. Idolatry runs rampant in the church as the lost worship man, money and lust. As man turns from God he seeks comfort in concubines and whores. A concubine is a wife who is not legally a wife. In the days of the Old Testament (Genesis 21: 10-14) concubine and wife were both considered moral. Whores and harlots were considered prostitutes while concubines were kept and cared for like a wife.

There were various men in the Bible who kept concubines: Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, Saul, David and Solomon are some of the most prominent men who kept concubines. But in the New Testament we are told that concubines are incompatible with Christianity. See Matthew 19: 5, Matthew 2: 5, Ephesians 5: 31.

The revelations by Paul to the church of Corinth are still evident today. Today's church is filled with the same madness of sexual sin. I Corinthians 6: 13-20 reveals that Paul sought to teach about sexual sin and harlots and whores because of the evils in Corinth. The Temple of the goddess Aphrodite was in Corinth. At least a thousand prostitutes were employed and enlisted by the church and sex was a part of the ritual of worship.

The perversion of sex is also popular in today's culture and acceptable in the eyes of many Preachers. The Bible teaches us that Christians are not to take part in these activities of shame. For further references to concubines in the Bible see: Genesis 25:6, II Samuel 5:13, II Samuel 15: 16, II Samuel 16: 21, 22, II Samuel 19: 5, II Samuel 20:3, I King 11:3, I Chronicles 3: 9, I Chronicles 11:21, Esther 2: 14 and Song of Solomon 6: 8-9.

The Bible says that a harlot, whore or prostitute is shameless, Jeremiah 3:3. Exodus 34: 15-16.

Verse 15: Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a-whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice unto their gods, and one call thee, and thou eat of his sacrifice;

Verse 16: And thou take of their daughters unto thy sons, and their daughters go a-whoring after their gods, and make thy sons go a-whoring after their gods.

To be unfaithful to the true God is an act of idolatry. To be involved with someone who is not your rightful partner is considered adultery or fornication. We also only have the right to be intimate religiously with God. Thus, if we are intimate with any other being or thing religiously, we are guilty of spiritual adultery. Thus, idol worship is forbidden.

Leviticus 19: 29: "Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness."

Not only will you become a great sinner but this would set an example for immorality in the land. Thus the Preachers in the churches that have become influenced by ungodly concubines and whores have set an example of sin in the church.

For further scriptures on the evidence of whores in the Bible see: Leviticus 21: 7, 9, Deuteronomy 22: 21, Deuteronomy 23: 17-18, Judges 19:2, Proverbs 23: 27, Isaiah 57: 3, Ezekiel 16: 28.

Biblical interpretations of whore are further revealed in Revelation 17: 1, 15, and 16.

Verse 1: "And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:"

The great whore in this verse is called Babylon. Babylon represented the Roman Empire. Babylon also represents the enemy of God. Babylon was a land of idol worship and as place where Christians had been martyred. The great whore is further defined as a church of false religions and immorality.

Will the people of God take back the church? Will the people of God sit back and allow the Preachers that have become "puffed up" think that they are gods? Bring down the Preacher from his throne and place God back on his throne of Grace and Mercy. For the record God has never been removed, the false prophets and the whores and concubines only think God has been replaced with their ungodly, fleshly king.

Thank you for reading my humble attempt to reveal the Truth of God. We continue to pray for a clean heart and Peace and Paradise for Family, Friend or Foe.

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