From the analysis of those that consistently use the Bible as a guide, the world has entered most churches. The worldly influences are seen in Rap Gospel, men wearing ear-rings, Hip-Hop clothes worn by men, revealing and tight fitting clothes and pants worn by women, pre-martial sex, adultery, gambling, money changing, and discrimination of the poor and the worship of man. These are just a few examples of the worldly ways that have entered the church because in many churches almost anything that goes on in the world is also evident in the church.

What does it mean to bring the world into the church? It means that these so-called Christians do not want to sacrifice or give up anything for God. For example when you become born again you give up your worldly ways. You cannot become born again and continue the same behavioral patterns, and life style that you exhibited in the world. For example Homosexuals that are saved give up that life style. Gamblers that are saved give up that life style. Hip-Hop ear-ring wearing, backward ball-cap wearing, young brothers when they are saved give up that life style. If you can't give up negative ungodly activity, you are not saved. Also if you can't give or refuse to give up the ways of the world, you think that God is a foolish God and will allow and condone sin in the church.

But if the world is in the church who allowed it to come in? The Black Preacher and his partners in crime have allowed the world in the church. But why has the Preacher allowed the world in the church? It is for sure that those Preachers that are set on an ungodly course of false prophecy have determined that the world in the church is positive. It is positive in that the membership increases. Also worldly people feel that if they pay tithes and offerings they can pay their way to salvation and Peace and Paradise. For the record tithes were never money. Also, God has not commanded any form of a tithe under the New Law. Therefore the Preachers that claim that God has commanded all believers to give 10% of their incomes are telling a Bold-Faced Satanic Lie. Also those that wish to live under any aspect of the Old Law regarding sacrificial offerings deny the Messiah.

For a more simple explanation we note the following: Many Preachers have concluded that if you allow your members to dress anyway (Jeans and Tennis shoes etc.) and behave similar to how they behave in the world they are more comfortable and more obedient. Yes more obedient to go along with money changing and establishing the church as a profit making business.

Therefore, what are the interests of those that allow the world in the church? We will briefly look at five major areas of interests of those that seek to bring the world in the church. (1) Money is the leading cause for worldly influences in the church. If you take a survey of all Black Churches that have sought to remove their Preacher money in most cases is at the center of the controversy. Thus, the ungodly Preacher and his supporters' view the church as a business enterprise and their priority is getting paid. (2) Sex is most likely the second most sought after interest in the church. Thus, there is a mad scramble of Preachers and whoremongering members carrying on various illicit relationships in the church (3) Social Gathering, the worldly people that attend church love the church because it allows them an on-going place to show off new and old clothes. Thus, the church becomes their fashion run-way. It is also a gathering place for certain classes very similar to the Jack and Jill Club as a gathering place for the Black middle class. (4) Prestige, many people in the Black community do not have jobs or stature in the community whereby they feel important. But in the church regardless of credentials and ability they can be the head of the Deacon Board, Chairman of the Usher Board etc. (5) Power; most people strive and live for power, for some it is an obsession. In the church as officers people have power, and to their worldly peers this means influence.

Meanwhile, the church is being destroyed. The money changing involved in: Pastor's Anniversary Services, Men's Day, Women's Day, Homecoming is an abomination and a disgrace. The money hustle is spearheaded by the Irresponsible women. The competition is stiff and just like the street hustler (street prostitutes) the woman who hustles the most money seeks to win favor with the pimp or Preacher. The church is also being destroyed with the numerous TV hustlers that claim that all Christians should take on materialistic goals and becoming rich should be your greatest goal. Prosperity Preaching is not as important as the love of God and the love of your neighbor. Yes we all need money to live but if you are coming to church because a Preacher has told you he can show you how to get money or get rich you are confused. The Preacher should be more concerned about saving your soul and not padding his and your pocket book.

It is also a crying shame that you have so many so-called Healing Preachers, who bilk people out of thousands of dollars daily. For the record all Christians with a relationship with God can heal if it is God's will. But it is for sure that if God has given extraordinary Healing Power to any Preacher he would not sell the Power of God. Because man does not heal, God does. God will not allow man to sell his Power because it is free and it comes with Belief and Confession.

Meanwhile those that come to stand against the false prophets are persecuted. They are told to shut up and be quiet. Worldly people in the church claim that those that speak out are trouble makers. Let it be written, those of you that claim to be Christians if you do not stand against the evils of the world in the church you will also witness the wrath of God.

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