Writers Note: It is for sure that many of the problems described in the following statements are wide spread. Therefore, for the record women do not control all of the churches. We also acknowledge that ungodly Preachers are involved in a game of manipulation and control with ungodly women.

The relationship of Irresponsible women with ungodly Preachers has impacted greatly on church memberships. Most Black churches are dominated by women. You would think women are the only people that are Spiritual when you visit most Black churches. Vivid examples of the absence of men are readily seen in most church choirs. Twenty choir members may reveal less than five men.

Why are so many women in the church? Also why do men that in some cases are married to these women refuse to attend church services? There are some exceptions; some of these men will attend selected funerals and certain special functions and probably Father's Day or Easter services. Meanwhile, they stay at home and watch football, basketball etc. They also have a negative image of the church, and speak out about ungodly Preachers and the contemporary money changing.

Is it something in the female psyche that causes her to have a more Spiritual emotion than men? Do women feel the need for God more than men? Are some women so lonely that they thrive on a fantasy love affair with the Black Preacher? What about the married women, will they convey their love for the Preacher to their husband if he comes to church?

Meanwhile, women usually outnumber men in the church four to one. Quite naturally if women grossly outnumber men in the church they will end up running most of the auxiliaries etc. The social relationships with the Preacher often cause women to have more authority than even the chairmen of the Deacon Board or any male officer in the church.

Therefore, the positions of men in the church are often token positions. For example men in positions in the Black church often really have no power. They usually are manipulated to think they have power. The women have the power, because as they go about serving and worshiping the Preacher they eventually take over. The process whereby they take power can be simply explained. The Preacher is only one man and says for example there are one hundred women in the church that have the attributes of concubines and whores. The Preacher is physically unable to service all of these women, but he gives them concessions. He relinquishes power and authority to these women as a pay-off for their loyalty. The method of pay-offs and concessions usually results in the women discreetly and tactfully taking over the church.

Meanwhile, the men, the strong men that come in and see all this pimping and the strut of female egos, leave. Most men are able to see through ungodly Preachers. Most men have some sense of understanding the qualities of a no-good man. Thus, these men view Preachers that go along with Irresponsible women as con artists, pimps, and hustlers. Meanwhile, they try to talk some sense into their wives. Many of these families have serious marital problems because many wives have a love affair with the Preacher. These women often forsaking the needs of their families also hustle money for the Preacher and involve themselves in money changing.

Who are the men left in the church? Thank God that there are some strong men left in the church. Where there is a majority of strong men (We are not talking about a majority in the church) many of the problems with Irresponsible women are at a minimum. But Irresponsible women that are married and attend church with their husbands have broken many of these men. The negative attitude of the Preachers that thrive on Irresponsible women seeks an attitude of submission from all members, male and female. The submission to the domination of the Preacher is an attitude that is placed on many males in the church. Thus, the Preacher induces many of these men to give up their manhood and become yes men and not question the activities of money changing and whoremongering. Ungodly Preachers usually do this by misinterpreting the Bible and manipulating weak men to believe lies.

Meanwhile, many men in the church get a double dose of manipulation and mind control. The Preacher and the wives jointly work to break the man and turn him into a Christian wimp. Therefore, he often thinks he is in control of his household and has some authority. As a church officer he also thinks he has some power and authority. But in reality he is a pawn or puppet that moves when the Preacher and the women say move.

What results from all this nonsense is an absence and defection of men from the church? Preachers often lie about the absence of men in the church. In most cases they only want a few men that they can control because strong men will question the con game of the Black Preacher. Meanwhile, many Preachers go around attacking Islam, and the Million Man March. Islam has a significant number of strong Black men. But Islam did not steal the Black man from the Christian Church. Black Preachers and whores ran the Black man out of the church.

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