The Preacher is supposed to be the head of the church. Thus, he has the authority and responsibility to head off potential trouble and keep the church on the right course. The right course for the church is to keep God first. God is to be worshiped and not man.

"To Keep God First," is and should be the way of the church. But here we find major contradictions in the motivations of many Preachers. They want to be first. Thus, if Preachers want to be little gods, they also want a support base of people that support this ungodly attitude.

Irresponsible women readily support the ungodly attitude of the false prophets who view the church as their personal kingdom. For example Irresponsible women (also some very foolish men) support church officials/Preachers that have stolen millions of dollars from the church. Even after the church official has been sent to prison for his crimes many Irresponsible women claim that we should forgive him and state that no one is free from sin.

It is true that Christians should have a forgiving heart. But it is not a Christina attitude to deny sin and only acknowledge the sin of a Preacher when the courts have declared him guilty and he is on his way to prison. Preachers do not have a license to steal and commit fornication. In this society the courts do not excuse Preachers from criminal behavior. But evidently Irresponsible women and foolish men do.

The reason many Black Preachers enter the ministry evidently has some relationship to the acceptance of Irresponsible women. The ministry is not the same as other professions. For example you do not enter the ministry because you feel it is a lucrative profession. You don't enter the ministry because you feel it is a profession where you can get rich. You don't enter the ministry because you feel that women in the church will provide for you. For example many of the false prophets that accept Irresponsible have said: "Man the women in the church will take care of your every need." Finally you don't enter the ministry because you will be able to seduce a wide variety of Irresponsible women.

Well if you don't enter the ministry for money and sex. Why should one enter the ministry? Most people have heard the term "Called. For example "I was called to the ministry." To be called to the ministry by God is one of the greatest honors known to man. But God has not called many of the Preachers of today. If God calls you to the ministry, He will prepare you. Many Preachers are unprepared and have very little knowledge of the Bible. Thus, their sermons are performances of hooting, hollering, running, jumping and kicking up their legs.

For the record God has called some of the Preachers that have turned bad. Many Preachers started out Godly. But Irresponsible women went to work on them and turned them bad. For example I heard a Preacher say: "When I was in the world and outside of Preaching I was not popular with the girls. But since I am now a Preacher I have a new appeal and attraction." This Preacher was short and chubby and from his own admission not physically attractive. But in his case as in the case of many Preachers they found out that Irresponsible women in the church just love Preachers. Thus, a Preacher can look bad, talk bad and have any physical or mental characteristics and Irresponsible women will love and worship him.

As we return to the question of why do, Black Preachers enter the ministry, we thank God for his true Prophets. The true Prophets of God have seriously entered the ministry to save souls and be a blessing to mankind. A Preacher's greatest joy should be winning people to Christ. Thus, Preachers should not long for and/or find so much joy in the church giving him a new car. For example how can a Godly Preacher accept a Rolls Royce from the Irresponsible women in the church? Any congregation that wants to give their Pastor a Rolls Royce is unchristian and the Preacher that accepts the gift is also unchristian.

There is evidently some confusion of what is materialistic and Prosperity Preaching. We argue that so-called Prosperity teaching or Preaching is often a contemporary con-game of the whoremongering, money-changing Black Preacher. Christians are not materialistic, thus, Christians do not dream constantly about gaining material wealth. Christians dream about saving souls and the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Good News of Jesus Christ says nothing about how much material wealth one can gain. But since so many Preachers believe in the Irresponsible women, where did this thinking come from? Has it been passed down by old Preachers? Are the schools of theology teaching Preachers that whores are needed to run the church? Why do so many Preachers go to unaccredited schools and pay for (I didn't say earn) bogus degrees? For example how can you receive a Ph.D. in Divinity when you have no undergraduate degree or a Masters degree? Why do so many Preachers want to be called Rev. Dr.?

For the record many Preachers are just plain hustlers. Many of these charlatans could not or did not have the heart to be a real hustler so they come into the church with weak game. Many Irresponsible women will fall for anything if you claim you are a Preacher. The unsuccessful hustlers of the world know that Preaching is a good hustle. They know that Preaching is a profession whereby many people will not criticize them because some people do not feel it proper to criticize Preachers. The Freedom Journal does not share this view. We realize that God will punish all of the false prophets but we also have some responsibility. Our responsibility is to make an on-going analysis of the Black experience. Black Preachers are a part of the Black experience.

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