Part 1: Irresponsible Women In the Church

Writer's Note: This will be a five-part series. The first Part "Irresponsible Women In The Church" will introduce the subject and set the parameters. Part 2: "Why Preachers go Along With Irresponsible Women" will note the attitude of the Preacher as a Church Pimp. Part 3: "Irresponsible Women: Impact on Male members of the Church." This article will reveal why many men have left the church or refuse to consider Christianity. Part 4: "Irresponsible Women: Impact on the Church" will reveal the destruction of the Church by those that have involved themselves in the Pimping of the Church. Part 5: As the last edition of this series we will note scripture references for our premise of destruction rendered by Irresponsible Women in the church. This last Article will be placed on The Confrontation of Truth and Knowledge Page that includes religious articles.

For the record there are Irresponsible Women in all churches but our emphasis is on the Black church. Irresponsible Women in the Black church are particular to the Black experience. These women take on certain attitudes that are different from their White counter-parts. We always ask the question why? Why would irresponsible women come into the House of God?

The Freedom Journal of Psyche Z Publishing is committed to making an on-going analysis of the many problems confronting Black people. Black people are a Spiritual people. Thus, many Black people attend church and ascribe to Christianity. But one of the major problems in Christianity is the worldly influence in the Church.

There are whores and concubines in the world. The world has come into the church and so has the ways of the world. From our analysis the Black Preacher has allowed the world into the church. Ungodly Preachers evidently thrive off worldly ways in the church. Thus, Black Preachers in many instances thrive and benefit from the actions of concubines and whores.

But are the Preachers the only one's responsible for whoremongering? Everyone is to be held accountable for his or her behavior in this society. Thus, Preachers are also held accountable by society and their congregations. But the women who take on the attitude of concubines and whores are equally responsible.

To gain some clarity about the attitudes of whores we will draw parallels and/or make a comparative analysis with worldly whores and whores in the church. There are many whores in the world. Some are just promiscuous women who have multiple sex partners and seem to have an ongoing desire for sex outside of marriage.

There are also whores who sell sex. These women often have an allegiance to a Protector or Pimp. They hustle money and commit various crimes for their Protector or Pimp. Meanwhile, he provides certain services for them. If they are drug addicts, he buys the drugs with the money they provide. He also provides basic living resources etc. He also protects them from disgruntled customers and assists them with any problems with the police and the court system.

How do the whores in the church compare to worldly whores? First of all you must realize that everyone in the church came from the world. The fact is that some people become new creatures in Christ when they become saved or born again and some people do not. Therefore, many women that have come into the churches that were whores have continued to be whores.

The promiscuous church women are not as prevalent as the pimped church women. The former types have come to the church because they want to find a man, a husband or someone to seduce them. They don't care whether he is married, single old or young. They conclude that church men are decent and if "I find a husband good, but if not I will at least have the company of a man."

The second category of whores in the church is the most devastating. These are the women that take young and old Preachers to the brink of destruction. These women want to be pimped. In the world (or in the life of hustling, prostitution and pimping) many whores choose their pimps. Meanwhile, the whores in the church that choose to be pimped choose the Preacher.

What does choosing the Preacher mean? It means that these women who are married or single, widowed or divorced will hustle for the Preacher. They will hustle similar to the worldly whores. They will offer the Preacher sex whenever he wants it. They will hustle money and give it to the Preacher (I did not say the church) anything that they can hustle, beg, borrow or buy. In the process many of these women run the church. They outnumber the men and the head of the church the so-called Preacher often ends up being pimped by the Irresponsible Women who have a worldly attitude.

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