(EARTH, USA, 20 March 2010)



Editors Note: Are most of the sages that call out in darkness and Light as mysterious as the Wind? Do they go unheard by those that listen as they speak as many hear nothing? The call of the Wind also calls the scribes. Who will look into the heart and see rain and sunshine. We feel the Spirit in the Wind we also feel the love of humankind. Peace will never be still as it moves the righteous and stands in watch over the troubled and the neglected. Meanwhile self and pride seek shelter from the rain.



Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. The day I saw this time was what most human beings describe as beautiful and pretty. Things were comely, elegant and graceful. This is surely a beautiful and pretty day. What constitutes a beautiful and pretty day? The sun was shining bright and the people came out.  Are the days that are cloudy with beautiful rain clouds also described as beautiful? The flowers, the birds and many humans also need the rain.


Meanwhile the babies laughed and cried and the dogs on leashes were glad in dogs delight. Many joggers also came and those that walked and soaked up Heaven were in galore. The people seem to be at peace. Did they really know the Peace we see and feel?


I also felt good as the day warmed my soul. I also felt the breath of the Wind. Thus I pondered once more than once on the touch of the Wind.


The Touch Of The Wind


I felt the Wind gently go by.

O! so silently moving as it touched.

There was surely no other feeling

or touch like this. Soft strokes.


The flaccid gentle movement was flexible and solid in composure. Here it sent often subdued supple rhythms upon my breast but certainly my heart.


Precious, delicious Wind that moved

the moods of people as it basked in

the early spring sunshine. What did

the birds feel? Palpability sensations.


There I felt mellow but merciful silk movements that had an exclusive cocoon by the original silkworm. Blessed are the things we see and feel that are righteous. So went the warm embrace of the Wind.


They soared and found glory in the

Wind. Many have thoughts of being a

flying machine. In this way you can

glide and enjoy the Wind on high.


Here was a sprinkling of natural and mystic tangency a softness that found the feather on opposite poles as there was nothing smoother than the fleeting touch of the Wind.


We gathered in the Park that day low

among the trees. The people came out

and so did the dogs. No one walked

cats. They evidently tended to self.


So did the Wind need a leash?  Is the Wind as Free can be? Do you see anything else as Free?


Pleasant sunshine is a joy for many

days although a blessing, the time that

moved had rendered nothing but rain.

Now nature took a pause.


Does nature ever really pause, stop; is it halted in speech and power never to relinquish its charm? It was tolerant and pliant but it yielded nothing. Some would say this and others who watched the Spirit said it gave all.


I wondered now as I had been told

that when one storm ended so did

the Wind. Thus there was new rain

and new clouds.


The Heavens loomed and existed in three-fold. However there was a Heavenly Heaven in the land of Peace and Paradise. The rain was sweet as honey and the Wind added many things in a mixture as nothing of “Paradise now gained” was missed now by the righteous.


John’s sister said that those new clouds

meant a new storm as this was a new

Wind. Where had the old Wind gone?

Did it rest high or low?


Why do we see now as we speak and write first at 20 March 2010 and now 16 May 2010?  Many storms still come and we are warned? Don’t confuse any signs of the times with the War between the Jews and the Romans? But do tell that much upheaval comes across the Four Corners of the world. God speaks, man listens but the lost hear only the Thunder.


However where did the old Wind go?

Nothing leaves the earth, nothing is

clearly destroyed. Is the Wind then

seen in other things?


I felt a brush of pure Wind upon my heart. I then felt peace and compassion for all that liveth. The Wind thus can soothe and soften any heart if only allowed. No one though can deny its existence but to really receive it see Jesus.


Does this also mean the Wind mean

and tame? The Wind touched and

did not touch. It passed through me.

Did the Holy Spirit rest there?


The tender sweet diminished Wind stirred my soul, my body and my Spirit reached for all three.


Cont. Part 5: Asleep In The Wind (Further Extensions of ProVerse and The Wind)


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 19 May 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


All rights reserved by FreedomJournal Press 2010.