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Editors Note: As you reflect on this inspirational message read it alongside Part 62: The Power and Miracle of Prayer and Psalms 137 and receive an additional blessing. We have been called upon to write many messages on the Wind. Therefore this series will also include what we have previously felt in our Spirit concerning the Wind. (Further Extensions in ProVerse & the Wind). Also as an additional reference point see an unpublished manuscript “Einstein God, Religion & Science” and the section on Biblical Perspectives: Einstein (A Further Look at E=mc²) and Part 34: Spiritual Eyes & E=mc²; Verse: Energy Force & Power of the Wind, Part 35: The Equation E=mc² Further Revealed Mass; Verse: God Called Out The Earth and Part 36: God Created Light Then the Sun;

Verse: The Light of The World. At Part 34 the poems on the Wind are noted. For our purposes here we will include these poems but also move them to the ranks of ProVerse.





Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. These are the good days that we once again more than once thought of the Wind. We passed by our place of solitude to another place that allowed the inspiration to flow.  A few living and some have gone on. For your thought and quiet mediation, from one sincere heart to another. I feel the Wind.


How much more can you say about the Wind. There are precious Wind songs to those that hear. Hail the song birds of song, the Wind allow us to hear Mahalia, Jill Scott, Randy Crawford, Gil Scott Heron, Mr. Marley, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah, Ella, James Cleveland, Alex Branford, and Clara Ward. There were also great legends in composition in Duke and Count and the genius of Ray Charles.


Still I heard Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Albertina Walker, Inez Andrews, Dorothy Norwood and Shirley Caesar. Marian Anderson crooned in the background and C. L. Franklin opened the church with "Precious Lord Take My Hand." Luther Allison and Bobby Womack and the soul preacher Donny Hathaway, I heard their cry. Jimi Hendrix played guitar as no other and so did Buddy Miles join him on drums.


Some still reside with us that are also awesome legends like William “Smokey” Robinson, Aaron Neville and long sweet licks B.B. King. We also hear Albert King, Charles Mingus, Art Tatum and Milt Turner and my homeboy Cortez “Winky” Greer.


Why is there so much to hear in the Blues songs? They came from the rural Mississippi Delta and the southern Black Belt. McKinley Morganfield “Mississippi Muddy Waters,” The Wolf Howled and so did John Lee Hooker and Son House. Elmore James was one such man that my beloved Uncle E.W. Griffin knew in Chicago and Jimmy Reed.


I also saw Little Jimmy Scott at the old Regal and heard of that other great vocalist Johnny Mathis. Don’t forget Johnny Hartman especially with Coltrane, King Pleasure, Billy Eckstein and Nat The King Cole. Who could name them all as the gifts continue as the Last Poets made way for the Rappers today and Hip Hop, all Rap ain’t good and all Hip Hop ain’t bad.


Katie sang gospel with a  feeling, Lightnin' Hopkins sang the blues,  Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee sang and played while Little Walter also sang and made the harp sing with many voices, hello Hank my man Crawford, Donald Vial came with the break of day to Satchmo, Miles, Yard Bird Parker, Jug Ammons, Yusuf, Luther Barnes, Trane,  Monk, Wes, Jimmy Smith,  James  “Mr. Dynamite” Brown (Soul Brother # I) and Michael  “The King of Pop” Jackson.


Wind All Seasons


The songs that I heard came from

all seasons, all times since the time

of man began which was only yesterday.


The beat of the drum carried the

love tune and also called in the fruit

of the crops as the seasons changed.


The bottom also sent a message here

and there and became the first instrument

of a people that gave the world the,


Great artistic expressions in spirituals

which were more than slave songs as they

were love songs of God and man who,


Was then and still is the hope of humankind.

The spirituals stirred by living emotion

transcended to other places where this man,


Taken from “The Land of the Blacks”

played and congregated. At these places

Black folk came to depict southern life in song,


Just as they saw life and hope in the spirituals.

But the Blues told more of the story. Here

everything came out. Some heard the Blues,


As they ran at night as the songs called the

way of the river, the stars and which way to

go at the cross-roads. We saw Robert Johnson there.


Gospel wind-songs mellowed out the spiritual and

Blues and stepped up the beat. Preachers that had

been Blues singers sang the Blues.


Did preaching come first or did the Blues?

By now Black folk were certain to feel all that



Now the genius of the woodwinds, the trumpets,

organs, pianos, drums, bass and guitar came to play.

Had anyone ever heard any semblance of Swing,


Be Bop and of course all that Jazz. The song-birds

continued and yet another genre came aboard. But

here even in Soul we see the fusion.


But this was a multi-faceted Wind. It came at all

seasons. It also came for all reasons.


Cont. Part 2: Wind: Same Wind


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 31 March 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



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