(26 March 2009, Stewart’s Creek, Carl A. Patton)


Beloved Peace be unto you. Brethren there is no place like home. However while we sojourn in a foreign land we see our home place our home going, homecoming in the majesty of the Creation. I felt the wet water. It was more than just good and wet. It was part of the Divine Creation and I am forever grateful.


Once again the rain had fallen steady and

hardly ceasing for several days and nights.

Spring had come upon the land and the Lord

now fed the earth so that many things previously

created could come back to life.


The Creek which was Stewart had a swollen

stomach because as far as we could see it was

now a small river. Muddy was the water though

as it rushed by coming from places I would imagine

back in time and long ago as nothing ever leaves.


At the rock place my favorite rock was almost

covered by water. Anyway there was no place

for my legs except in the Creek. However I soon

found another place just to the left and found several

dry leaves that were damp on one side.


I hoped the leaves would give me some comfort and

pad the cool moist rocks where I sat down to write.

Gentle muddy creek waves brushed against trees that

now stood in the Creek. There was a natural rippling sound

of the water as it moved upon the standing trees and rocks.


But I still could feel the welcomed and treasured solitude.

I will always cherish these days of life as these are the

times when great peace filled me up. Peace is conducive

to living especially in harmony and in balance with nature.

Thus I can feel the water however dry I am.