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Writer's note Update: Can we pay more tribute to Voltaire an unbeliever than those that claim to know God? Did not God give all of humankind Free Speech? Where have all the Godly people gone? Does Free Speech rule the world or the Church? Surely Free Speech is the essence of God. Thus those that deny the existence of Free Expression see not God but the Goats.

Peace and Love,

Carl A. Patton, writing for the FreedomJournal February 23, 2007 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Many writers pay tribute to many great thinkers thus Voltaire is not the only philosopher that has contributed to freedom of the pen. For example John Stuart Mill made a historic and classic statement of freedom of speech and press in 1859 in his essay on Liberty. But, no one has been quoted more than Voltaire. "I disagree with everything you say, Voltaire wrote to Helevetius, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it." This right represents our right to the greatest opportunity to learn the Truth.

The Truth then comes from certain basic freedoms. Freedom of communication is not only freedom of speech and press but also freedom of religion, freedom of assemblage and freedom of organization. In many instances' man maintains freedom of communication due to one's intelligence. Being that any intelligent person would (normal reaction) opt for his God given right to freely express himself within the realm of Truth and opinion.

But, society has turned intelligence into irrational and abnormal behavior. Vice and corruption in society has thinly turned wrong into right and many unprincipled and evil people have set lies and untruths as the standards for success and acceptance in society as a whole. Thus, you have people that attempt to censor the news and curtail freedom of communication. Even though many of these people understand the essence of intelligence as leading to the Truth they don't want the masses to know the Truth.

Therefore, many writers view censorship as an attitude. And herein lies the Truth and who knows the Truth and who lives the Truth. The first attitude toward censorship is the belief that some person or group (elite) knows the Truth. The second attitude deals with the apathy of the masses; if they are exposed they will possibly believe lies and falsehoods. Finally the attitude that Truth will rule out in the end, but we need to do something now because it is such a slow process.

But, who sponsors censorship? It is documented that the Christian Church and government (democracy) have been used as examples of knowing absolute Truth. At one time many scholars noted that communists had a handle on absolute Truth. In 1999-2009 we know that is pure folly but we find people masquerading as supporters of democracy that have failed and opted to censor and cloud the essence of free communication.

Can the people petition the government or the Church for Truth? It is written that this must be so. If one accepts that democracy is an inspiration of God, herein lies Truth and understanding. Therefore, as the great thinkers and philosophers turn over in their graves the destructive and wicked people in the world tamper with the laws of God. Will you follow the straightway or will you continue to refute your God given intelligence?

Yes, are you intelligent enough to know and seek the Truth? The Truth is not hiding. If the Church won't give it to you, stay at home and lie to yourself. If undemocratic politicians want give it to you vote them out and redefine democracy and remember its true meaning.

Meanwhile the FreedomJournal Press will continue the path of Truth. Because to forget Voltaire would spell our doom. So let's be fair and impartial. Thanks Voltaire. Brethren we also pray that there will be Great Days when we can thank a believer for standing up for Free Speech. When you stand up for Free Speech you stand up for God and Christ.



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