(Rock Place, Stewart’s Creek, By Carl A. Patton, 4-30- 2009)


Beloved Peace be unto you. A man by many names other than John tried to see without God. However he always sought out the crowd as he thought that he could impress man and also satisfy God. John slipped by the crowd and found comfort under a tree along the river bank.


No one could hear the quiet of the water

are the still of the wind that did not know

God. Here the deaf and dumb felt the wind.


Serenity and peace never passed you by.

Solitude always stayed with you for there

was the Spirit found. The righteous reached out.


Thus no man or any woman who came

from man at the Creation could harness and

grapple with Truth and not often look alone.


This time ain’t long but it is well spent as we

give a living testimony each time we embrace

the Creation. The love of human beings is one



Supreme though is the love of God and Christ.      

Meanwhile those that move with love in their

hearts and soul are thus blessed.


We see grand appreciation of the saints as they also

dwell in solitude and in Peace.