Beloved we bear witness that a Godly man can only truly love a Godly woman. Therefore in the following Epistles and Poems we note a Biblical reference for love for the Godly. Many have come this way tried and tested by Satan and those that devour and relish the ways of the pagans and the heathens. These same lost souls also wish to devour the righteous with the charms of lust and place flesh over the Spirit of love.


So as we look at the forewarnings regarding the experiences of Samson we see the contemporary Delilahís the Jezebelís of our day and we also see Elijah. Follow us now as we allow the Spirit to move us and receive a blessing. Our prayer as always is for the salvation of the righteous and the unrighteous and we come begging and pleading to God for mercy on those that are lost and spiritually blind.






There has been

an everlasting rose

in my life.


Precious and pure

a sustaining prize.

I am grateful,


For that time

and these thoughts

for the comfort,


To my heart.

There reclining as

suspended in air.


Resting for untold

pleasure that were

times that extended,


Life and still

offer consolation for

cold nights and the,


Distance of space.

Still this timeless

rose denies time,


As she remains

an innocent unblemished

feminine creature as,


This is part

of her mystic

and incomparable charm.


Does she realize,

that no Queen

Stands with her?


The memories and,

thoughts will never

end nor will

I allow them.



Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Godly In Love

Part 3: Samson Called From The Womb

Part 4: God Moves The Righteous


Part 5: Passion Or Obedience: The Sexual Addiction of Samson

Part 6: The Spirit of The Lord Is Patient

Part 7: Samson Takes A Wife For God Or Pleasure?

Part 8: To The Righteous God Is First In Love: To The Heathens Family & Clan


Part 9: Mistaken Love: Working for God

Part 10: Give God The Glory In Love &War

Part 11: Donít Leave God In Love Or War

Part 12: Naked At Midnight With A Harlot Can Be Fatal



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