In the name of God, the Master of the universe, the Ruler of the earth. We thank God for our Savior Jesus Christ our Lord. The way to the Father is through Jesus Christ the anointed. Thus, we pray that all those that walk the earth will accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In the Word of God we are taught to pray. Thus, we say Our Father, Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thou righteous and holy name. We give thanks to Almighty God, the Creator of all things. We thank God for our father in the flesh. In sight he has walked with us.

The roots of William Patton II are found in Madison County, Alabama. Madison County Alabama is near Huntsville where in 1912 he was born to William Patton and Kitty Robinson. His father was born in 1872 and he died in 1914 shortly after William was born. Lucy Arnett the grandmother of William Patton II lived from December 14, 1851 to December 19, 1931. She married Mose Patton in 1869. Lucy was the first child born to Samuel Arnett and Louisa Ward Arnett.

Samuel Arnett was my father's great-grandfather who was born in 1823 or 1825. At an early age Samuel his mother Lucy and his wife Louisa were brought to Madison county Alabama from North Carolina as slaves.

Samuel Arnett gave all of his children 15 acres of land. Thus, my father was raised on the land. He was raised in a proud fashion. William also strongly believed in the rights of all people therefore, compassion for his fellow man was one of his strongest traits. He was also taught not to lie and steal, this principle of life was one of the foundations of his rearing and a principle he taught his children. But, he was also taught that all human beings have the right to protect and defend themselves.

As I came to life in 1945, I clearly remember my father as a role model of intellect, respect and strength. He was mentally strong and he had the physical strength of at least three men. My father was an avid reader even though he had very little formal education. We often (my brothers and relatives) debated political and historical issues. Those debates and discussions promoted my keen interest in social science, and a desire to understand the world. Thus, my endeavors as a writer were strongly influenced by my father. I clearly remember his caring and giving attitude to the youth of our community. We learned the art of boxing at a young age. We also learned the game of baseball. My father was called "Billy" by family and friends and he was loved throughout our community. He organized a youth baseball team and also coached a semi-pro baseball team in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I also fondly remember my father as our Boy Scout Master. We took hiking trips and camped out along the beautiful Tennessee hills, and lakes where I grew up. These fond memories I will always carry as long as I live. Thus, I thank God my Spiritual Father for the father he gave me on earth. As my father led the way, I developed principles and values that have greatly impacted on my life. Therefore, I am proud of what I have gained from my father's genes and what he taught me.

There are some that have equated the strength of my father with anger and hatred. I have also experienced these incorrect assessments of character. Often the defense of oneself is associated with mean spirited behavior. For the record we mean defense in the physical and mental sense. On some weekends he would consume quantities of beer. Many people have developed a taste for alcoholic beverages. If the spirit of drink caused the mean spirits of my father to show, I never witnessed this as a child or as a young man. People that are mean spirited usually show this side to friend and foe.

No one is perfect and no man walks free from sin. The fruits of my father exceed any negative claims to his character and stature as a man and a father. I love and respect the legacy of my father (William "Billy" Patton II) and I come to warn those that do otherwise. William Patton II left this world at an early age in 1965. My dearly beloved brother William Patton III left us July 4, 1997.

I thank God for my son William A. Patton and my grandson William Patton. I pray that they will accept Almighty God as their Father and embrace our Savior Jesus Christ. Almighty God will stand at the Day of Judgment and not man. Please God and have eternal life. If you live for evil and Satan you will be condemned to eternal damnation. When the storm is over and the seas are calm, when hatred, racism, envy, jealously and self genocide are all laid to rest. I hope to see my Father the Creator of all things, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my ancestors and my earthly father I trust will also be called to Peace and Paradise. To those of the living, if you are to see the Light embrace the Word of God and be born again.