(3-8-08 by Carl A. Patton)



While sitting at a place where many

people came and worried I

came upon the following profound



ďTo worry is to say to God, Youíre not big enough to solve this problem, so Iíll deal with it myself.


Peace disappears when you try to do something about something you canít do anything about.Ē (Quoted from Richard Daly, From Godís Little Book of Peace: Words of Comfort & Reassurance For Weary Souls).


Moved and inspired I wrote these

words down. Thus to look at

later as time would permit the

right time.


Thus, this day was another day

of reflecting on something again,

man in his finite wisdom needs

to grapple with and discern.


Cheated tranquility, the robbers of

peace. Those that are moved not

by the Spirit came as thieves night

and day.Cluttering the air with

a foul smell and odor of ill logic

on all things they came to touch

and see.


Clouds of doubt greeted the soul,

the body and smacked the Spirit turning

it upside down, embracing the

backside which is the evil side.


However those that lost sight of

the Spirit were robbed of peace.

But is peace the panacea for life?


Is peace so powerful then that

death is accepted in peace? The

fools meanwhile challenged peace.

But no fool would win.


Thus goodness and what we strive

for is noted in serenity. This to the

righteous is spiritual silence.




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