(24 January 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


That man that woman who was

guided by the Spirit sat down

and wondered which way to go.


He saw many lost minds that

went with all things that

were popular and in them

there were no values.


So as the secular world

felt the tolerance to evil, good

and bad the righteous

stopped to think.


Here the willingness to be

tolerant was always of

love and compassion. He

also saw patience toward

those who had opinions that,


Had ways that were not

what he had seen, and heard

as he read much.


However the secular world knew

no boundaries. He saw tolerance

as all encompassing.


John then frowned as he

smiled as he knew that

tolerance had an end.


As the respect of all human

beings is a matter of tolerance

nay is the respect for

things that mock the faith.


So just where does tolerance

begin and end? Can one

always be tolerant? Are they

tolerant of all things?


Many came to deface the body

and desecrate it at death.

I knew they had different

views, but is tolerance then,


To say nothing are say they

have the right to violate Godís

Laws? What of the murder of an

innocent unborn baby?


Many then that are allegedly

tolerant came with and without

the Law.


Some also came to get along to

get along. However the righteous

came to love.


Meanwhile there is no tolerance

of things evil, wicked and unrighteous.





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