THE TIGER NEVER SMILED (7 January 2008, by Carl A. Patton)



I was blessed to be back

once again at my writing

place, along the creek. I

came and saw peace.


All through the jungles of the

contemporary cities he roamed.

Dead carcasses, jack-asses called

loose headed change laid upon

the land gone sour with ill repute.


What he smiled about was not

what he saw but what was within.

For there was no real joy upon

the land.


Meanwhile the tiger who

some thought never smiled, shed

no tears.


He looked in pity as the

numbers mounted as they

tampered with the Law of love,

peace and compassion.


There was no sadness in the

tiger den for the villain

as they taunted the



But there was always Lone

Wolf, the Grey Wolf, as

he only saw great things

while residing in solitude.


As swift as the tiger

and as fast as the

Fading moon did the hell-hounds

gather and plot treachery as tainted

venom spilled upon the land.


Meanwhile the smiling tiger frowned

as man looked not to the heart.

Then the tiger,


On a road to righteousness

smiled, laughed and had

joy exceedingly. This joy

came from the inside.


This joy knew and breathes

life, this joy was from

above and would last in

a land of Paradise for

an eternity.


But, the Tiger came in many

colors. I speak of one that

came God sent.




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