FreedomJournal Thought of the Day December 2000

(Updated 10 June 2009)


Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal December 29, 2000 in the year of our Lord.

"Hate is a crucial element in Dissension and Dis-Unity in the Black community."

The Black community we speak of consists of Blacks in America, our African brothers and sisters and Blacks throughout the world.

We bear witness as sure as the Sun shall rise and the Sun moves to make room for the Moon that Hate is NOT an ingredient for Victory over oppression, economic exploitation and Racial Abuse. Hate is what many in the Hood call "Hustling Backwards." You cannot Hate your enemy to death. Now I know that the Hate-Mongers are saying Patton is crazy, "we must kill our enemies to achieve victory."

Can humankind that has been historically despised actually kill all of the enemies of Freedom, Justice and Equality? Where is the Army? There is none, thus how can Hate be a great Call for Freedom among the wretched of the earth?

Are you saying that Love will conquer all? No and Yes. As we bend your philosophical ears, we present: Hate exists and so does Love. However, Hate should not be ever present in making an assessment of problems and concerns in the Black community. Furthermore what of the Passive mind? Thus, does the absence of non-violence usher in Violence? Therefore is it true that the absence or non-acceptance of one element on the pole of extremes mean the logical move to the other.

It is for sure that Violence and Non-Violence exist and so does Hate and Love. However, the Absence of one does not mean the advocacy of the other.

As a further note we believe as God is our witness that Love is Supreme. However, Love is not a sign of Weakness. To exhibit Love in the midst of a Storm is a sign of Strength.


Carl Patton, FreedomJournal



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