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(Victory Park, 4-7-09, By Carl A. Patton)


This was another great day as those that

liveth live to write and tell the story. A

cool breeze blew as winter still had gone

and come back but the sky was clear, cloudy

and blue.


The trees that swayed in the constant wind

waved at a reluctant sun. However there was

a clean, pure and serene element in the air.

The trees even in a great storm meant no harm

as they fell upon the ground.


But some of the things man made presented

another picture. However some of the human

element appreciated the great trees and sought

to preserve the forest. But many laid nature to

waste as they claimed nothing but self.


Sadly some never realized that God sent the

wind. The Spirit in the wind touched all that

were still and all things that moved. The wind

could not be bought nor could you barter for the

wind at the store or market.


To the righteous this was Good News. To the

lost this was sadness as they believed that all

things have a money price. Meanwhile nature

spoke to me once more and I felt peace. Even

in the midst of a storm there was peace.


This peace existed among those that stayed

in the Spirit. Thus all days are good days and

all days are a time to give praise.



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