THE IGNORANT AND THE FOOLISH (by Carl A. Patton, January 3, 2008)


This was the third day of the

New Year known as 2008.

I had not been able to write

the first day or the second day.


However thank God I now come

with my pen this third day.

Still the unrepentant and foolish

seem to rule the land.


The ignorant meanwhile gather

in a mass grave that they

think is a normal gathering of

those destined to accept the road

to stupidity.


A few sad bags of worldly

wisdom hang from their

throats as they whisper deceit and

try to manipulate other lost

unrepentant souls.


Brethren, most you talk to these

days have joined the ranks of

the foolish. I sit and moan

at times as they have so much

confusion in they believe that

they are wise and the

wise dumb.


The sad, foolish and ignorant

sing the same songs. Foolishly

thinking that a dumb man

came with the answers.


However most will stay foolish.

Most also will wallow in ignorance

embracing it as the tree hugs

the wind.


Bu the truly ignorant will someday

cast Judas lots with stupidity and

render a place of no return.




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