(September 1, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



Why do the mis-informed,

foolish, ignorant and stupid

dare say I have not the right

to look at my people.


Who painted you Black?

Where is the brush?

How many more colors

will the world see?


The big financiers the

champions of big

business and banks

look to the legislature

and called the shots.


They also sent agents from

academia who had a different

culture claming to record

what they did in the Ghetto.


Meanwhile the genius of Donny

Hathaway and marvelous Marvin

Gaye really told the Ghetto story in song



Delta Blues men, Son House, Mississippi

Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Luther

Allision and Howling Wolf told our story.


I heard the sorrowful blues guitar strings.

Hot licks, every melody and lick a story.

Not always a blue story. But a story of life

and survival in a unique fashion.


My Lord, I heard the cry of the Black

man, woman and my Mamma and Daddy

who came from black belt Alabama in the blues.


James Brown soul brother number one

stopped the lies as no one could pretend

to have his soul.

But where were the Black intellectuals?

Who is supposed to lead the charge?


Meanwhile the preachers ran to the

Outhouse. This foul place is where

he hid the silver.


They said the Black intellectual went

through the front door and out the back

door. Shame and honor he wore

hidden up his sleeve.


The Black independent press stood still.

They waited on advertisements as they controlled

the editorís thoughts, which blew away in the wind.


A wretched world has produced a desire

for no Truth, wisdom or knowledge.

Truth held no premium neither did

opinion for it is not yours if it came from

someone else.


Were there some bent on sacrifices?

Hail to the taskmaster without choice?

Hail those chosen to be in that number.




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