"The Cry of Humanity" is a unique collection of poems written by Catherine Patton Cothran and Carl A. Patton.

As followers of Christ Jesus the authors of these spirit filled poems reach out to humanity and all of humankind. Their individual Christian sojourns are revealed and so are their cultural roots in America and throughout the Diaspora.

This vivid collection of contemporary poems also includes several insightful pieces of prose for the readers thought and mediation. Also to complement this collection of poems is a CD narrative with music that features the unique voices of the authors and Lou Patton.


“Big Ralph: Reflections of a Black Police Chief"



The biography of Ralph (Big Ralph) Cothran is the exciting and revealing story of a foot patrolman who rose to be Chief of Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Big Ralph reveals his true feelings on many social problems of our day.

For example the following questions are just samples of the questions Big Ralph seeks to answer:

Who set the precedent for Black leadership? Did busing Black children render them quality education? Why did Thurgood Marshall conclude that declaring Black people inferior would persuade the Supreme Court to vote to desegregate public schools in America? Has the Back intellectual community sold out the Black community? Are there any independent Black Studies Departments in any University in America? Who controls the NAACP, the Urban League and SCLC? How can the word of God be best understood? What is the relationship between independent thinking, academic freedoms and freedom of expression and those lost in a dilemma of dependency?

We have also filled Big Ralph's biography with interesting tales of his childhood. Read about Big Ralph's little red wagon filled with coal, read about Big Ralph's revelation that cats do not have nine lives and do not forget Big Ralph's famous neck bone story. Big Ralph grew up in Bushtown on the east side of Chattanooga. It is for sure that Big Ralph is a hero of Bushtown and a role model for young people in Chattanooga and throughout the world. Bear witness to the profound critique of the Black American quest for Human Rights. Find out why we have Black Americans and African Americans and even Negroes. The independence to think is a God given right. It is for sure also that the high road of Truth wisdom and knowledge also extends from the Creator the Supreme God. It is known that the power of man is unimportant in comparison to the Master of the Universe, the Ruler of the Earth.







Fallen Letters is a unique collection of essays that offers a critique of education in the Black community. In this critique there is the struggle with intellectual chaos. For example many Black people are confused over what name best represents Black people. Also the Black male has been set in crisis since coming to the Western Hemisphere. What is this crisis? Meanwhile Cultural Nationalism has for some offered a panacea for the myriad of problems Black people are confronted with.

But is Cultural Nationalism merely a scapegoat for intellectual Uncle Toms and those that defy reality? We will explore these questions and many other concerns seldom reported on. These essays regarding the Black Experience will reflect the on-going Black Holocaust and the confusion among those that are supposed to set the course.

A Holocaust is defined as a burnt offering, also as the complete destruction by fire, especially of animals and humans. The historical development of the Black Holocaust is noted in the legacy of slavery. Lynchings were usually followed by burnings at the stake for Black men and women during and after slavery.

The Contemporary period that notes the existence of Black people in North America still represent the archaic spirit of the lynch mentality. Thus, many scholars maintain the on-going Black Holocaust. However the most tragic aspect of the Holocaust is most likely the participation of those in the intellectual community who refuse to see the world the way God created it and not how man has come to tamper with the Creation.  The Black Holocaust has taken on illogical aspects in recent years. These articles attempt to bring more clarity to a phenomenon that is on a course to destroy Black America.

What about the various theories, philosophies and ideologies that have impacted on the Black Experience over time? There is no panacea for the removal of the oppressive conditions of the Black and poor. Therefore, many thinkers note the utility of various theories, philosophies and ideologies.

There is also the need for an ongoing evaluation of the intellectual mechanisms (theories etc.) Thus, the following essays and assessments are presented to bring more clarity to the struggle for freedom, justice and equality and not to denounce or deny any theory, ideology or philosophy.