(11 April 2009, Victory Park, by Carl A. Patton)


Beloved Peace be unto you. There is no way to get out of the way of the storm without God. The rain fell and the wind came across the land. No one knew where it went but the righteous knew where they goeth.


Fret not that the storms of God are

related to the last times, last days

or the end times. Because every day

that we liveth we get closer to the end.


Meanwhile the tornadoes came with

great rushing winds and hail fell swiftly

to the ground. Houses, buildings moved

and some were crushed in the fury of the storm.


There were no perilous times of today that

were the same as yesterday. There are also no

signs of the end times that see natural disasters

and wars. However all things are not the same.



People were also displaced and some lost

their time on earth as the time came to make

the transition. But some always said why?

Even though they knew not who brought the wind.


The physical storms seem to be countless as

the days were counted down. Did the records

show that there were more storms in these days

than the last days?


There were also storms of life. These were the

storms of man. However the Creator controlled

all storms. As spiritual healing laid claim to the

greatest aspect of healing so did the spiritual,


Enlightenment see you through the physical storms

and the storms of life. The destruction was counted

as good to many as old passed to new. But only with

spiritual awareness was this was possible.


The impact of death, destruction and the Spirit

of the wind changed some attitudes forever to

appreciate the small things in life as many could

have died as many as the houses that fell.


Life thus could have went as sure as the mass

of things man created that flew through the air as

great pieces of wood suspended in space. Stormy

Monday, Sunday and all days that the rain fell.


Look to the Creator and see the past, now and

beyond. Thus we saw sunshine in the clouds and

the power of God in the Wind. There could never

be sun without rain.