(August 24, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)



I saw them gathered in circles B-Boxing,

Hip-Hopping, rhyming to a consistent

monotonous beat stifling creative energy

from the ancestors. However some found a



Meanwhile some took the bottom to new

heights while others stayed with the beat

as creativity and natural rhythm was not

in them.


Will we hear the positive youth that

Rap? Who will listen? Do they really

offer anything inspirational? What do

they say about those that wallow in Hi-Hop



But so-called intellectuals whose

ancestors came from “The Land of the

Blacks” demand that this new culture

have its place in academia.


This makes little sense, as how can decadence

transcend to the political, economic and

social arenas. Where was the home, church and



However the youth in a new style of

dress pay allegiance to a degenerate

fashion world that see many clothes

in unisex, male and female. As many

designers know not their name or gender.


In baggy shirts and hung down pants

the music and lyrics turn morals

and respect for womanhood and self

upside down as bitch and whore to

these stolen youth become the honey,

baby and darling of the Hip-Hop age.


So loose clothes and uniforms which

represent who? is in vogue.

The uniforms of sports teams that

many had not even heard of walk as moving

Hip-Hop youth-boards.


Men claiming to be men see style in earrings

in every ear. Many other things were also

pierced as Satan snatched every bit of

ignorance that prevailed like the soot

from the ovens that burned the wicked dead.


Some also came as new men with extended

hair as they competed with women who

desired long hair bought from vendors that

had captured the Black hair care market.


Sadly as the boys that called themselves

men dropped their drawers so did the Hip-

Hopped young female. Tattoos and body

markings also came to their delight as

Black folk tried to show black marks on

Black skin.


Would sold-out Black intellectuals

create this madness as a discipline of

study? Can anything positive come out

of things so negative? Can anything negative

also be creative?


What of the captured art form turned into

an exploitative economic enterprise?

Is getting paid more important than

cultural values?


Who will stand and dispute those who

come walking backwards and sideways

telling our youth that back streets are

good streets.


Meanwhile many youth are stolen as

they die while looking at so-called role

models destined to die first.





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