(21 May 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


My beloved Brethren, Peace be unto you. There are many times when the truly righteous bowing to the flesh feel that the Paradise inherent in the Saints is far-fetched and elusive. However as he relished in solitude the sojourner also at times stole Paradise. As a thief of good-will the Hell-bent often believed that they could tamper with the Creation and what God has willed to those who follow Him. Paradise thus as is Peace a free gift. Therefore there is a blessing for those that last in this wicked race as the well will run dry for the swift and the Indian spring will flow for those that rest at the end.


I stood looking in the world as

they thought that the power brokers

had all things good which they

thought was Paradise.


Meanwhile I knew from the sacred

text that Paradise was not earned

are gained by the slothful in Truth.

This was a blessing and I thanked

God for this revelation.


Therefore I saw/see man and his

friends. I love people that God

created as this is commanded

by God. However the sins of me

and the world I rejected.


Thus I selected the times to

interact with the lost. There was

a shade tree. The water at the river

never stood still. Nor did it back bite.


I slipped into silence at the night

in the moon. There I found peace

among the still of the day and

night. This was Paradise.


I looked as a thief in the night.

As man looked on the outskirts

making false claims to Peace

and Paradise.


Could I steal Paradise? Can you

steal Peace? Was our hearts stolen

by a lost world? I sat quietly

among the elements I felt Peace

and Paradise would come.





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