(15 May 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Peace be unto you. Many people starved but those that have a thirst for Truth ate/eat at the fatted calf.


These still were the days of those

that mis-applied the Divine, thinking

it was the flesh.


However you had to be a witness to

know the righteous from the world.

Meanwhile he had no concept of his calling.


But he answered and the night Ėriders

tried to close every door. But God

held the keys to the doors of life.


Paper diplomas as degrees, manís accolades burned

as brush fires that often rage in places of

great sin. The storms also came and went.


Foolish and doubting Thomas thought

he could starve the rich. An X was

placed on his applications.


But the soup line brewed fresh soup,

social programs waved in the background.

Some made you beg. Many pennies were pinched.


The academic thieves continued to steal

and ravish the minds of the un-suspecting

and those that love the world.


The robber barons infested throughout

the halls where education was supposed to

take place. Also in broad learning institutions,


Mis-education would be mentioned to look

at the bleak and goat herding side. Meanwhile

machine guns guarded the one-sided view of,


Academic freedoms that was not on the Lordís

side with academic machine guns they trampled

the weightless that had not academic rights.


But can you starve the rich? Also could you steal

from the righteous? Just what does man own?

He fell low under the weight of money-bags, gold,


And silver weighed as much as gold. I embraced the wind

as I looked to the sky. Filling full of Godís Glory. There

is rich power in the elements they reflect the Creation.




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