(17 February 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



The Spirits thus sent me this

way again with another message

for the wise and the not so wise.


God has created all men and

sent them here. Thus all

of humankind are blessed

with free will by God.


However as time moved on

some men came upon this

earth that God created

with writing pens.


They recorded the things and

happenings of the times.

Soon with presses and machines

for printing, books were born.


In great Democracies Laws came

from the legislatures to protect

the writer’s and the things

they wrote.


What of the Protection for

the things they thought about?

Were the thoughts only thought

about more precious than those



Just why did some things written

by some men cause such confusion

and anger among a lost mis-directed

man and woman?


God already protected this right.

But man also hailed the 1st Amendment

as a first right to human existence.


Meanwhile some of the men

with pens, pencils, printing presses

and big computers thought only of



However did some that existed

believe that they only knew

the way to God? The Bible

looked down on other books

in dis-belief.


They also wanted to say what

they wanted to say, but those

that had no computers they

said talked too much.


Speak freedom was really freedom

speaking. A free mind brought on

free thoughts.


The righteous thus had

unselfish freedom. Let all

men talk, but sit aside

the table for the fools.



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