By Carl Patton, FreedomJournal

Truly political socialization is a fundamental and/or major process by which Black people in the United States are programmed to accept the existing political structure of capitalism and its underlying oppressive conditions in regard to the Black experience. It has also come to be a system that has confused and mis-directed many who profess to be Leaders and/or Activists. Thus with a Leadership structure confused and suffering from Political Socialization the Black community continues to wander.

Cultural exploitation is the most damaging form of exploitation Blacks are confronted with. Thus, political socialization is a systematic form of cultural exploitation. The growth and development of political socialization in regard to the Black experience can be realized through the maturational process with reference to early childhood and adulthood.

The agents of political socialization their messages and how they structure and develop the Black political self definitely extend the reality of the socialization process. The nature of the Black political self and its impact on Black political practice is tied to political socialization and the Black experience.

The ideas, loyalties and dispositions that people have about politics are counter to one's own definition of self interest. These assumptions are often not met with any systematic calculation. Further these irrational and emotional feelings to a great extent are a product of the values of the elements that dominate in society. Thus, these elements allow the manipulation of the masses by the dominant sector that is counter to their own self interest.

Political socialization and political culture are two key concepts in noting how Black people come to hold certain political beliefs and how they relate to political behavior. Culture is noted in repeat responses to certain stimuli. Any collectivity of people over a period of time develops certain responses. Political culture refers to expected responses of people in a given society with regard to stimuli, expected responses, and the beliefs of that society about stimuli and responses.

Hence socialization is a process by which people learn these responses, transforms and make new dimensions in the culture. As domination proceeds culture becomes mature and the socialization process becomes a part of one's own being.

The eventual result is the oppressed element grows to accept domination as a way of life and as the natural order of things. Frantz Fanon (writing in the realm of Colonized Mentality) argues that the oppressed elements are psychologically conditioned to accept their state of oppression. In the process they pose no threat to the existing regime and in fact fully support their own oppression. Evidently Blacks do not have an understanding of domination and its relationship to political socialization.

In an attempt to explain this process Marxists have rendered theories and arguments. But the Marxists refusal to qualify the question of race and its relationship to the total working class stifles any theoretical or alleged practical overture that they may have toward relief of the oppressed. Certainly from birth individuals in the United States are conditioned and programmed through their environment to accept and project what is established as a correct outlook or perspective for an American citizen. People that share a common perception of environment over a period of time will begin to manifest common responses to certain stimuli and the sum of these responses becomes their personality. Culture is a response to society as a whole, but personality is how individuals see society.

The maturational process as evident in one's political personality begins with certain attachments to basic symbols. From early childhood U.S. society provides for the development of certain positive responses to basic symbols. As the maturational process extends to adulthood. Here we see a grasping of other symbols that relate to the previous one's and some informational content for those symbols and later explanations which purport to explain the place of importance of these symbols in the life of oppression. Thus, the maturational process from its inception introduces one by way of indoctrination to certain values and attitudes that eventually forms one's political personality.

The dominant factors in U. S. society have historically promoted free enterprise (in a positive manner) and communism (in a negative manner). Persons not taking these two principles and making their own analysis as to the Black experience will undoubtedly make conclusions not in their best interests. By the time one is 15 he has formed explanations for certain institutions, and eventually comes to hold irrational beliefs that are counter to one's own definition of reality.

A dying and drowning man that reaches for abstract theories that are noted to make an analysis of the existing economic and political structure is in a dilemma. There are no economic, historical and political theories that have not made a transition from the time, place and condition in which they were written. The Bible, the Word of God is the only source of information, Truth and Knowledge that has Not Changed overtime. God is not in the Luck business. However, the wager on an economic system of analysis developed in 18???? is the "Fools Bet "and "Hustling Backwards." Meanwhile, the FreedomJournal will take the road of Faith and ride the Mighty Wings of the Creator.

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