(29 May 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



Beloved, many people still crowded with the genes of the sycophants although aged in time….   as we know  not when we are they will leave this earth but near the time of the transition to be called from the grave make calls of trouble at midnight. Sadly they still try to back-bite the independent thinkers sent by God and remove them from jobs and any means to survive decently in a world that Almighty God has created. When will they stop and just mind their own business?  Will they know that they are being written up in a report that will expose many years of ungodliness?




Beloved peace be unto you. There has always been a

time when there were men that were called out as different.

Is there a difference among those shouted out as radicals

and revolutionaries? Just what was/is Jesus?


Meanwhile the dead will speak up to righteous

radicals as they will be plentiful in the land of

Peace and Paradise. However the meek the mild

sycophant will have no rest.


The fire torch of the slanders burned all night and day.

Even when the Godly lay down they sought to burn his

dreams. Thus the weak let their thoughts go and sold their

dreams as they had none.


Sadly there were really no dreams nor free expression

among the vote sellers and dream takers. Beguiled

by a infamous unrighteous rascal they the dream takers

said let us taint his name and burn his bridges and rally,


The blind masses against him turning his family and so-called

friends away from the Wind. Meanwhile the mid-night riders

the dream thieves hid in the dark but the Light would eventually

shine on them as it illuminated the entire world.


You have heard and I have heard of a Great Day coming.

This Book records that every knee will bow and every

living soul will acknowledge who put the Sun and Moon

in the sky and who painted the incomparable Rainbow.





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