Brethren Greetings,


Peace be unto you. I advise those that believe that the Bible is the way to Salvation to remember that all believers are to be one accord. (HOWEVER WE CANNOT BE ONE ACCORD WITH THOSE THAT HAVE LEFT THE BIBLE). Also we speak to those that love Christ Jesus and realize that He was sent by God the Father. Rest assured that those that oppose, reject and deny what the FreedomJournal has rendered about Cremation are any other Biblical subjects you must do so by scripture.


WE do not come to insult the intelligence of anyone however we are not concerned about the wicked ways of custom and tradition that has been handed by Satan and his helpers. Disagreement that is not Bible based is of no utility for those that follow the Bible.


However we sadly report that many during these days and times have left the Bible and rely on human understanding. Thus custom and tradition and what feels good is the order of the day.


“There was once and man who studied diligently the history of humankind. However his findings were often disputed. Although those in doubt had read nothing they still insisted that their personal feelings were valid in an intellectual discussion. Many people laughed and many frowned. As those empty of knowledge and understanding still hollered louder than Truth.”

Peace and Love,

FreedomJournal 16 June 2007 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.






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