SILENT SPACE (2-15-09)


Beloved Peace be unto you. John came walking never alone. He also came with a walking stick. He also carried his heart in his bosom. He reflected on his talks with Jesus as he was close. However never could he see among so many. The multitudes faded as the preaching and the fish and loaves of barely bread had refreshed all that needed to be fed. The quiet of river bank called out so did the serene times of the high hill top where he prayed.


This day was windy and cold but

I still longed for my secret writing

place as there was solitude peace and

quiet times to think there.


The rocks, the trees and winter briars

even in this season hid the place but I

found it and rested there. Snug under

the rocks and the beautiful green moss,


That held the banks to the Creek on

both sides I found shelter from the wind.

Here I was free from the human touch.

The flesh often broke my concentration,


And this was not good. Thinkers I believe

eventually desire the company of inanimate

things at times other than those that spoke

in the human dialect.


But the squirrels, rabbits, deer and turtles

Soaking up the sun on the fallen logs along the

Creek the muskrats, chipmunks, blue heron the

fish swimming in the Creek and the birds,


That flew limb from limb and those that

glided in the clear blue sky only inspired

me and brought greater thought. There was

surely something about this great Creation.


I thank Almighty God for these times and

His Creation and for life. Silent Space that

reached out at me and talked uttering a

language only the righteous could hear.