(6 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


Thanking Almighty God for the inspiration to write and think on His things I was given the message “Silent News.”

Brethren just how can news be silent? What is the role of news messengers? Where have all the scribes gone? The Prophets are dead in Christ. Meanwhile are most Social Scientists’ that think (?)on social, political, economic and historical questions silent are just passé?


Beloved there has always been

news since the Creation of

humankind and world civilizations.

The grandest news has always

been Good News.


This news spoke/speak of the eventual

Gospels and Christ Jesus.  Who

listened then are now to the

prophets? John who was the

first Baptist ate of the land.


Now all thing are tainted as

man believes he is the maker

and can do all things without

Christ. But how has such vocal and

far reaching news become silent?


A roving bandit taking no

prisoners was alleged to have

kidnapped the world and its

people. Howbeit that the righteous

were not of the world just passing,


Through. Meanwhile the evil bandit

took charge of their minds and many

felt no rational thoughts as they

denied reality and the Good News.

Even to the chagrin of the already,


Foolish and lost. However they

spoke often of what was contrary to

the Good News. Looking over

fields the valleys we hail the mountain

peaks as they speak of high places.


Thus the righteous lived large, as the

lost knew not how to live as losers

who had lost dreams of winning.

Yellow Rags rested all over the cities,

towns and places that held people.


The sane righteous rested in silence

at what all knew as Good News. Denial

went to another level. But this news

was known even among the deaf, the

dumb and blind.


John knew which way the world would

turn. He also cried out in anguish for the salvation

of his brethren. Many brothers, sisters knew

not their lost sibling’s names. However

they remained in silence. This was so sad.





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