AUGUST 23, 2003





Where are you, brothers and sisters?

I canít find you

Where did you go?


When Mom died, did a part of you

die too?

Did you forget her teachings, or remember

Them at all?


She taught us to live on until the day

That we must answer the call.

What happened to childhood memories

and birthdays, holidays and all?


We now have children and grandchildren

that have extended our family tree.

What do you tell them, or do you

talk about me?


I canít forget you or pretend that

I have amnesia.

There is so much to remember, and

I know that I need you.


How long, how long will it be?

For the rest of my life? And God

forbid until eternity.


Here I am, waiting and still

with empty arms, a bleeding

heart, a mind full of memories

and eyes full of tears.




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