(August 30, 2007 by Carl A. Patton)


I know you have heard about

those chained in bondage to till

the soil. These chains still exist.


But there are no greater shackles

than those that strip the mind,

heart and soul of what has been

handed down by the great Prophets.


The Apostles came also telling

the story. Christ Jesus sealed

it with His death, resurrection and

ascension back to the Father.


The inspired writers left the Book.

The chains are broke but few

accept the Truth.


Shackled by Satan I saw denial

that day. They still come with

the thoughts that they can

develop their own religion.


But God is not looking for a

creative recipe book.


The shackles and chains tighten.

On every street they open houses

that serves as unique temples

with no shame.


The world flocks to their

doors as the greatest liars and

actors have the most extensive, and expensive

crowds. Some very lost women also

try to be men, as they also want to

fleece the flock of Truth and money.


Motivational speakers abound as the

Word is tampered with and now they

sing all kinds of songs.


As the mind is chained so do the

hands go to death. No one listened

to Noah. The world still stares in

disbelief as it will soon go up in smoke.




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