(By Carl A. Patton, 14 April 2008)


Upon this land roamed many

that saw not the great utility

in being steadfast on things of



Therefore the painting could be

painted black for those White

and Black for White. Consistency

thus was lost in a no man’s land

of contradictory, discrepant in-

consistent looks at free speech.


However many thought as sure

as the sacred text and “on one

accord.” The wise thought that

this should also apply to the

world secular.


Academic institutions stood up in

amazement claiming freedom among

the academicians however there was

an exclusive fraternity there. Freedom

riding the academic back left God and

Truth and ended up in a place of purged



Amazing better still were the writer’s,

journalists, authors the great story-

tellers and poets. Some wrote for

newspapers and magazines they also

reclined in radio, television and the big

wide Hollywood screen.


Brother Constitution also saw them

interpret the speech that was free

among their group as they also selected

the 1st amendment for them.


Meanwhile the man who thrived

on principles being absent of prejudiced

thinking and seeking not to discriminate

against anybody allowed free and loud

voices to all bound by the rule of the

common but God given law.


God thus selected our free speech.

This speech was for all, the one in the

same. Just how could one law become so

diverse and changing with the wind?




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