(11 May 2009, Victory Park by Carl A. Patton)


Beloved Peace be unto you. It is not a sad report that those that see the stars are not overjoyed in the company of the crowd that fell off many fence posts.


All great thinkers chose to remain aloof from

the common plan and things normal. Somehow

they just failed to fret over things the world claimed.

Nor did they give great thought as to why.


To them most of what the world called normal

was an abnormal reality that was real as the

day and nights in which they lived. No one was

mad except the multitudes that frowned on Truth.


They cared little for the sweet things material that

the world carried up in lust. As what they needed

was quite simple and all the rest was too heavy. Why

rush for diamonds and pearls while food was wasted?


These times were also not as silent as the outsiders

thought. I saw John talking with the birds and having

counsel with the fleeing rabbits and squirrels. He also

saw the light of the moon as more than just romantic



No one called me out at night. I found my own

place there I sat and was never alone although many

of the world saw no one but me. But who could

capture solitude alone?