(2 December 2009 by Carl A. Patton)


Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Can you really see God and not see the rain? I floated on a cloud that descended in my sleep. I also see the sweet harmony of nature as I walk and dream of reality.


The still December afternoon was

pierced by silent rain drops that fell

among the leaves that had already

fallen to the ground.


Never breaking the silence I saw

swift slow rain drops also fall upon

the creek as it flowed with the



Much rain that came from the

rain drops also held fast to the

tree limbs close to the ground,

when it got cold this is where the,


Ice came from. Scattered autumn rain

drops dispersed many dreams. Days

of now, yesterday and beyond. I

fell prostrate in solitude.


Peace and Paradise,

Dr. Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 18 January 2010 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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