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Peace be unto you. There are many people that can be counted that believe in the false notion that there is a reality to “Once Saved Always Saved.” Therefore we have once more than once been called and commissioned to write yet another series of letters, articles, and discussions on a particular topic taken from the Bible. In this series you will find ample proof from the Bible regarding your direct responsibility to be saved to eternal life. Jesus died to save all from sin. However your salvation from sin does not mean a “Free Ride to Heaven.”


John 10: 28 “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

This verse does not mean a “Free Ride.” So how do you become the sheep of Christ and not be able to be removed from His hand? The phrase “They shall never perish” is on the condition and stipulation that the sheep hear the voice of the shepherd. But how do you hear the voice of the shepherd? Do some people hear the flesh in a Church leader first and then hear a faint cry of Christ through muted ears?




Why? Pray tell is

this foreign land the

world so best understood

through the Spiritual realm?


Brethren so blessed is it

written the Truth of the Heavens

above and the Hell below.


Can you experience the essence

of healing without God? What

about health and salvation?


The was once two men and

one woman. The first man

faced life and all its dramas,


As an irresponsible human being.

Meanwhile he never paid any

real attention to the Wind.


What he did not see he

did not believe. Troubled, confused

he could not see who healed,


For everlasting. Meanwhile the

second man also had a helper.

They saw great things together.


They found peace and joy

in prayer. Laughter also brought

a sweet balance to their souls.


In touch with the earth and dirt they

found what to eat and drink

Has man come to impose an improper,


Balance on the land the

food, grain, seed, fish and

animals that we eat?


This man and woman thus

saw responsibility in Truth

They also saw salvation

through good health.


No one had more than

one body it is best to

allow it to fix itself.


Part I: Introduction

Part 2: The Definitive Qualities of Salvation: The New Testament

Part 3: The Death & Resurrection of Christ & Salvation

Part 4: Can Salvation Be Inherited Genesis 28: 10-15)


Part 5: Descendants of Abraham Are Not Guaranteed Salvation (Matthew 3: 7-9)

Part 6: Part 2: Descendants of Abraham Are Not Guaranteed Salvation (Matthew 3: 9)




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