Sad Tales of the Imposters of Destruction


Part 1: Talking To The Spirit: Feeling The Wind

(Carl A. Patton, 4 August 2009)



Writers Note: There are many sad tales told among the campfires that have went out regarding the foolish ways of those that tamper with the Creation. Some come by faith and some come by.


Peace be unto you. My beloved brethren God speaks in many different ways. How can we hear God? As we move upon the land we have been confronted by those that are lost and wish to forsake us in the most vile and evil ways. Meanwhile as they trample on God’s laws knowing little they also violate the various laws of man. The United States Constitution to these people does not apply to all citizens only to those that believe as they believe which is in nothing. One must record in his heart things sincere not just those of temporary pleasures that bring no joy.


So as we accept our mission to document and critique the massive landscape we have had to record the wiles and ways of the corrupt censors. This we have done out of duty as we gain no joy from recording such unsightful circumstances. Our great joy comes with our inspiration to write of the birds and rabbits, squirrels and trees of the field. This we do as we see the mighty Creation and the Creator. But often duty calls.


We have also been called to place many of these documents on Censorship on our Web Pages. These articles present Censorship as we have witnessed it on another level. We have had to re-define censorship and have been benefited in our analysis of this question by the censors. As we further defined Censorship looking at the many institutions, agencies etc. that have sponsored Censorship against the FreedomJournal we have also noted “The Positive Nature of Censorship.” This is for sure a new level of discussion as we review this phenomenon. Thus the censors themselves have raised our level of understanding this question more in that they have presented and raised questions we had not thought of. By so doing our response and analysis deeply looked into Censorship in areas never before seen.


But as we moved in the Spirit a few months ago God told us to remove this data from our Web Pages and concentrate more on  the positive side of life as we look at the Creation and the Bible. This we did as we consistently look for a forgiving heart as God bestows forgiveness we must also forgive those that have ATTEMPTED to abuse us. But let the record show that sometimes God presents situations for us  to show our obedience and faith.


“Talking to the Spirit feeling the Wind.” What does this mean? The Holy Spirit leads and guides me the right and straight way. I also feel  breezes, the breath of sunshine and embrace the Wind that I see feel and touch. My soul and spirit is stirred up thus I look to the sacred text and try to unravel the many questions that humankind is confronted with. Some see and others see nothing. Our basic needs are provided for and we have been able to endure. But some come to deny us the right to speak of the Tree of Life. They also believe that they can chase us from the market place and send us into economic ruin and destroy the FreedomJournal Press. However we come to report loudly and with great boldness that we are inspired by Almighty God. Thus our report to those that seek our destruction is that we come by way of the Father and He is the Creator of you, me and all that liveth and all that exists upon this earth and anywhere beyond.


This alleged great threat to Religious Freedoms has left us with no choice but to record these deeds. We also stand ready to follow God regarding our responsibility to place more information on Censorship on our Web Pages. We also will look to God to see if He wants us return the many articles on Censorships we have recently removed from


Catch the J Train The A Train is Downtown


John was broke (without the stuff called money) that

day, only his brethren knew this as he never thought

of being without a commodity of exchange. He had

food to eat and he knew that what he needed would

come by way of the Wind we talked about.


All around him though the many brethren were consumed

with how much you have of things material especially

money. He was tempted as the Devil rested on every

corner and under every rock trying to lure him and those

like him into the traps of the world, sin and shame.


He walked many places. Even when he rode he carried

sweat with him. There was never a cool place as he rode

the heat waves in summer time. But air-conditioning was

never talked about in the Bible. How long has air been with

us? How long will it last.


Meanwhile that downtown train loomed under his foot.

This train also went up and to the lost forlorn places. However

the Jesus Train only went up. It did not go sideways to

the left nor to the right. It did not hang over a fence

undecided as to where it wanted to go.


This train had its mind made up. It also came with great

sacrifice and patience and faith were keys when you came

aboard the J Train. John boarded and sat down in peace.

He could also see and feel many things that he had not felt



He also knew that he would know very little of this foreign

land once he got home. However he would always be able

to talk to the Spirit and feel the Wind. He came and went in

love. Those on the A Train knew not love or compassion they

                               lusted after things temporary and said they loved money.


Peace and Golden Paradise, Carl A. Patton writing for the FreedomJournal Press 4 August 2009 in the year of our Lord and savior Christ Jesus.


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