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9-2-01 The Great Threat To Christianity.

9-6-01 Go d & The Vanguard Movement For Human Rights.

9-8-01 New Christian Church.

9-15-01 We Can All Drink From The Well.

9-24-01  Rev. Dr. Foolish or ungodly?

9-25-01 Preachers Lost or the World?

9-29-01 Hate Killing Field or World?


Beloved Brethren,

Peace be unto you. It is a sad report that so many come these days and times as in olden days defiling the Word and attempting to corrupt the Church. Our critique and rebuke of wayward lost Preachers speak toward volumes. In fact we have written at least two books on the Biblical responsibilities of Preachers/Ministers. But the crimes against God and His people continue. Please pray for each one and another especially for the Preachers.

Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton writing an update FreedomJournal 13 June 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.






In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Preachers be careful about what you say God said in the Bible. Although most of your congregations don’t read nor study God knows you are not telling the Truth. Also the FreedomJournal is aware of your lies. For the record (if you believe in the Bible) the way to Peace and Paradise is to follow God and Christ and the Bible. God and the Bible said nothing about following man to Peace and Paradise. If you follow man make sure he is following Christ. To determine that you simply see if he lines up what is in the Bible. However most of the slick Preachers today have taken unsuspecting irresponsible people away from the Bible. But that will be no excuse at the Day of Judgment. You will not be able to blame a wayward Preacher for your sin of not studying the Bible. Study… Brethren to know the way to Heaven and Peace and Paradise.

As willful lost Christians wander in a sea of condemnation, they view the world as their greatest enemy. However most so-called Christians are a part of the world and live and thrive in its vices and sin. Thus, there are very few threats to the Church from outside. Hence the Devils inside come to cause havoc and destruction.

We declare as Almighty God is our witness and Judge that Preachers, Church Leaders, Church Congregations and the so-called Bible Colleges etc. are the leaders in the Attempted Destruction of Christianity. Simply, if you are a professed Christian and you refuse and reject the Bible and God you serve some other Master. That Master is Satan.

Meanwhile, the forlorn remnant wanders in pursuit of Truth. Through the smoke of propaganda about other religions we still see God. As Preachers blame sin and the lack of money we see God. But, when you testify from the pulpit that you represent God but you embrace Satan you are a Great Threat. It is for sure that the true believers have a responsibility to see Satan in the church. Sadly he comes in robes claiming reverence and godliness.

When will the Righteous Preachers stand up against Satan's Preachers? Stand and be blessed. Sit down and go down to Hell and Damnation. But FreedomJournal where is the sweet? The Sweet is found in the Bitter & the Sweet. It is Bitter for the Lost sin-sick Preachers, Church Leaders, Congregations and Bible Colleges to Attempt to Destroy the Church. However it is Sweet when the believers Stand with God and receive eternal life.

Peace and Paradise,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal





In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

We (FreedomJournal) have embraced the Call of God and Christ as Christians. However, there are very few real Christians on the planet earth. Thus, most Christians do not follow God and the Bible. Meanwhile, they follow money, man, woman and a host of other worldly, ungodly persons, things and places.

Do they know God when they depict Jesus Christ, the Prophets and Apostles in human images of pictures, paintings etc.? This utter Crime of Idolatry is prevalent throughout the traditional Church and the various Cults and Sects that claim to embrace Christianity.

We bear witness that there is very little that can be accomplished with those that defile the Biblical and historical record with images of Jesus the Great Prophets and Apostles. This sinful act is further complicated by depicting Jesus in a racial form of a European. This mis-representation of Biblical Truth and the secular historical record is very offensive to the people that make up the majority of the people that inhabit the planet earth. From this majority population also is derived the first people to inhabit the planet earth. Meanwhile Black people in Africa, the Americas and throughout the Diaspora are even further insulted in the callous disregard for Truth and the insistence that we accept that which is false.

Thus we have to note that real Christians have more in common with the Muslim community than the traditional so-called Christian community. Muslims share our views that all racial images (those who are Holy) should be removed from places of worship, Bibles, literature etc. Thus they show more love for God and have a better understanding of the Bible and scripture than our so-called Christian brethren. This poses several contradictions and questions. Are most Muslims better Christians than the so-called Traditional Christian community? For the record most Christians know very little about Islam and the Koran. However so-called Christian Preachers are always busy trying to tear down Islam but know very little about Islam. However, most Muslims know of the Koran and the Bible. Then are most Muslims more knowledgeable about the Bible than the traditional Christian Community?

Those that know God have something in common and can talk. However when we can talk with Muslims and cannot communicate with so-called Christians that means that our conclusions are confirmed regarding the need for a "New Christian Church." Basically because most Christians do not know God and are not trying to know God.

We would also be remiss if we did not note that some Jews know God. All Hebrews are not Jews. Thus when we say Jews we are talking about the Hebrew people that know God and have embraced true Judaism. Thus thank God for the Jews that realize that the on-going aggression in the Middle East is wrong and not supported by scripture. These same Jews know that the Hebrews that participated in the slave trade and held Black people as slaves were not Jews and did not know God.

Therefore, the real Jews (those that are Black and White) look to the inspired Word of God regarding the geographic location of the Jewish people. These Jews then conclude that all people need to live together in harmony and not with prejudice and hate.

Meanwhile, the world landscape is a bleak and dismal example of God-fearing people. There are few Christians that stand with God, there are also very few Hebrews (Jews) that stand with God. However, are Muslims and Islam trying to show the Christians and Jews God? The commonality of knowing God should bring Christians, Jews and Muslims together to bring Peace to the world. But will the New Christian Church have to be established to reach this goal?

Peace and Paradise,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 6, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.





The Europeanization of the Church brought on the need for a Great Reform Movement by Martin Luther October 31, 1517. Luther bred in the teachings of the African Saint Augustine believed that the Catholic Church which had taken Christianity hostage needed reform.

It is late in the evening. The Sun also is going down as the earth moves in the orbit of the Divine Creation. Christianity that gave birth not in Europe has since come to be called by some (that are mis-informed) a European religion. These scribes are in error as are many errors made of Egypt, Ethiopia and much of North Africa west of Egypt which also sent actors to the stage of Christianity.

As the cults and sects came to form other religions within the Christian Banner the love and knowledge of the Truth of God was passed over. Thus the Protestant Movement which resulted from the Reformation (failure to Reform the Catholic Church) also left God as did the people of Rome.

Thus the FreedomJournal declares as of this day September 8, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the need for a New Christian Church. A New Christian Church that will follow God and the Bible and not man.

Five Hundred years ago the need was there and it was not met. What has resulted are several (countless) abominations of the Word of God and the writing of several Books called Bibles. New religions write other Bibles however the New Christian Church does not need another Bible. It only begs for the Saints (the lost remnant) to follow the present Bible and God.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton, FreedomJournal





Greetings Brethren:

We are grateful for another day in this world. However, we know of another place. Meanwhile, the world is our adobe and the place of our mission of Truth.

There was once a valley full of people. However, some wanted power and wealth. However the masses that made up this valley only wanted to live in peace. Peace and harmony is the nature of the Divine Creation. But man somehow brought in the stench of sin and disobedience to God. Henceforth he (most of humankind) has rejected God. Although many say they know God they reject His laws and throw compassion and love to the Hogs and Dogs.

The disputes in the Valley are common. However, the mood of solving disputes and problems is to promote more problems. At the Spring that was there before there was a before hails a dispute over water. There were those who held water from those that were also thirsty. But the termination of those who held water from all that thirst did not solve the problem of domination of the Spring.

I heard a man say, “Those that took water and held it from others that were thirsty had no water." Their thirst however did not merit them increasing the thirst of those that were also thirsty. But it is written that there is water for all the children of God. Sadly many people reject their Father and the rejection of the Father calls on the rejection of humankind.

Peace and may there be water at the Spring for all of humankind,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 15, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Taken from the FreedomJournal Archives Update 18 June 2008

Greetings Brethren,


Peace be unto you. Is Rev. Dr. synonymous with those who take books on consignment and refuse to pay for the books are return the books?  Peace and Love, Carl A. Patton writing as an update 17 June 2008 in the year of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.



In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

The theme of Psalms 111 is all that God does is good. Reverence for God is the beginning of wisdom.

Psalms 111: 9. "He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name."

This is the only place in the Bible where the world reverend is used. The wide-spread use of this word in reference to religious leaders indicates a tendency toward pride and a desire for personal distinction. This is especially seen in the use of Rev. Dr.

God is holy and deserves to be respected is the message in this passage. Although this passage uses reverend as showing honor and praise for God, it also has other meanings. Reverend is a translation of the Hebrew word YARE, which occurs several hundred times in the Bible. This word has been translated to mean fear, terrible and dreadful. Thus the record shows that the inspired writers have used it to refer to some of the worst characters and situations in the Bible.

Meanwhile in Pulpits across the earth and on Universal TV Foolish, Ignorant and Ungodly people refer to most Preachers as Rev. and in the cases of clear personal distinction and pride the infamous REV. DR. So are these people claiming they are God or little gods? What kind of schools did they attend? For the record the need for a New Christian Church also means the need for new Schools of Theology.

Psalms 111: 10. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endured forever.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 24, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

"Who are more Lost the Preachers or the World?"

(While the Secular World did not lift themselves up the Preachers did).

As the Stars and Celebrities came to pay tribute to the families of the Firemen, Policemen and Emergency Service Workers and many other victims of the Attack on America they remained humble.

No mention (Names) of the Celebrities was made. The great emphasis was on the grief-stricken families of those that perished in the fall of the World Trade Center Towers.

But along came the Religious Leaders and Politicians to Yankee Stadium. Here they came to offer a prayer service for the victim’s families. As the Preachers lifted themselves up instead of God, the hosts made a mockery out of what should have been a solemn occasion.

Those that don't know the Word need to consult with God and the Bible instead of Lost Preachers. Here the so-called Christians noted once again the dire need for a New Christian Church as they revealed their self interest and self gratification. Rev. Dr. is not the way of God. Rev. Dr is the way of Satan.

Nor is the emphasis on dignitaries instead of God at a Prayer Service pleasing to God. Many say, "In God we Trust," but in the next breath and sentence they place their trust in man. Shame on the Lost and misinformed. However many (PREACHERS) know that they do not walk with God, but they feel that they know the way. Many just don't care and many of course do not believe in God.

Who Will Lift Up God? If God Is Not Lifted Up Man Will Go Down To The Grave To Be Raised In Death.

Peace and the Love of God,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 25, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.




Is man taught to Hate? How, Who, Why? What, Where, When?

In the name of Jehovah God, Master of the universe, Ruler of the earth.

Let it be written that humankind is at the threshold of a great undertaking that has been passed down by the Great Prophets. A Word of caution is noted among the wise. He who compels the Wind should be consulted and not those in the flesh that wish to hurry the Fate of the World and the World's people.

We bear witness that the World is a killing field of Hate. Whence cometh this Hate? Many view the world in the eyes of Race, Ethnic Origins, Religion, Politics and Economics. There are those who are the Majority of the people of the earth. There are those who hold the Economic Purse Strings of the World. There are also Three Great Religions. For the record the God-fearing honor all that believe in One God and Monotheism.

There is also Political Domination. However, let the record show that Economics control the political arena. Economics has also manufactured and gave rise to Racism and all of its components.

So how does humankind view the World? We bear witness as Messengers of Truth and Good- Will for all who live and breathe on this Planet that God is the Superior World View. God is Peace and not Hate. God is the Messenger of Human Rights. God is not for a few people but for all people that walk and crawl the planet earth.

Meanwhile there was a man and many people who came to love to Hate. In fact Hate became the order of the day. Hate was fashionable and well thought of and viewed as honorable. As long as this man and this people don't know God they will love to Hate. Hate is not the order of the Day. Hate also is not Patriotism. Hate is the Order of Satan and the end times.

Peace and Love,

Carl Patton writing for the FreedomJournal September 29, 2001 in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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