Greetings beloved,


Peace be unto you. Poems and verse that speak of love come best from and to those that love and honor Almighty God and our Savior Christ Jesus. However as words flow inspired by God verse and prose reveal many things. For example one can determine the character of another by writing a poem directly to a particular person. Therefore you can determine many things by writing poems especially love and romantic poems to a certain person.


Also as we review this subject further and for the sake of understanding the following poems we note that when one is a Christian and born again he or she can best write about and make reference to love. Love between a man and a woman is part of the Divine Creation. However one can only see true love in Christ. Thus the Godly man that is inspired to write has an ideal Christian woman in sight of his pen as he looks to describe love and things often noted as romanticism on paper. However if the woman has not accepted Christ and is not a Christian woman then the poems allegedly sent are for naught. Tainted charm and beauty, foolish intellect and a lackluster love for Christ spells retraction as Spiritual Darkness bring sad and hellish songs.


Thus no poems written by the inspired writer is exclusive to anyone. Meanwhile those that live up to the sentiments and thoughts of the poet that†† embrace a heart of God will see love in poetry and romance in a life-long love for Christ.If the heart is tainted or has become evil with lies and distortions then the poems fall among thethorns and briars and will never rest upon the brethren that see love in their hearts for Christ and their fellowman.




I Smelled Love


Love At Last


Mini With Love


Mummy Dearest


Ruby Sue


Consolation For My Heart


I Saw A Rose At Sundown


I Smelled Sunshine


Peaceful Love


Please Allow Me Tonight



Royal Blue Colors


A Taste of Black Honey


Love To Mini




I Heard A love Song



I Kissed A Falling, Fallen Leaf


Where Did The Love Go?


Remembering My Brothers





Beloved the following sentiments and poems are a statement of love. I also profess my love for God and His Son our Savior Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. For without God I would not have the thoughts and inspirations that God has so graciously allowed me to have concerning things of love.


Peace be unto you. May Godís riches blessings be forever a reality on this side as we prepare to reap the free gift of Peace and Paradise?



A Tribute To Motherhood

















No Greater Love


Spiritual Flower



I Saw Her Yesterday


God Spoke To Woman


The Sweet Voice of A Flower


The Anticipation of The Anticipated


The Inspiration



I Thought of You


Righteous Love


Special Love


At Last





The Smile of an Angel


Forever Sunshine


My Beloved I Love You


Looking At Love





My Dearest Darling


Happiness You and Me


I Cherish Peace


A Real Sweetheart


My Darling



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