(18 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


My darling most things sweet are

good to the palate. However

sweet love is not to be

devoured are consumed.


Sweet love is to be savored

and tasted for an everlasting

time that we spend on this



So what is a real sweetheart?

What is a sweet person?

What truly is desire and

compassion that transcends into



I will forever seek to understand

you as I desire that you forever

accept my love and look into

my soul and inner being.


Thus your sweet nature

will grow and so will our

love as we hold hands

looking at the moon,


The stars and the setting and

rising sun. We will never

completely know each other

but there will be perpetual,


Joy as we consistently embark

on this journey as love is exciting

and extraordinary thus all of our

days will be,


Good and special days as the

birds will always sing beautiful

songs the flowers will always

bloom in righteous bright colors,


And Gods splendid Creation

will always allow us to taste its

splendor. And we will always say

in confidence I Love You.



Peace and Paradise Forever In Love,




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