(5-23-08 by Carl A. Patton)



My dearest darling. Just what

is affection? Can we both share

in its pleasures?


Warm gentle thoughts pierced

my soul and penetrated my



Embracing love and loving that

you love affection I had good

lasting thoughts of you.


Meanwhile I prayed for traveling

grace. I feel and see your smile.

I also feel a loving embrace.


That was affection. Is it love?

What has romance in affection?

There I stood with unselfish desire.


The move the transition to affection

came upon me. Thus to love what

you love, sincerely and without doubt.


I held your hand one night as we

looked and marveled at the moon-lit sky.

Meanwhile the night clouds faded the


Moon but we still held hands.

Suddenly the moon once more

than once sent its righteous Light,


Upon the sky and throughout

Godís green earth as we sat just

gazing into the sky and feeling,


Our hearts. The blessed night touched

us and knowing life and the Creator

We felt good and affection took its course.


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