(17 July 2008 by Carl A. Patton)



I have known some ways

of womanhood for many

days of my life but never did I

know the ways of love.


Can you truly love someone and not see God?


Is this why I love you?

I long and look forward to

our many days and nights

together as I tell you of the,


Great beauty of the Creation.

There is beauty and majesty in

casting looks at the Moon.

Together we can see love.


There is great inspiration found in the appreciation of the elements the stars, the Moon and the rain. What of the sunshine and the wind that will never cease blowing as the Spirit is never still.


Holding hands at mid-night looking

to the sky I see your love, there

in the face of the stars as they

out shine the Moon.


As beauty is seen in the elements so is beauty seen in Godís creation of woman. I hail the Queen.


This was a clear cloudless night

and all could see that knew

who placed the Moon and the

rainbow in the sky.


I can and will always feel your presence even as I think of you. But there at mid-night we both came to life.


My love runs with your endless

energy ever present in your

actions and thought. I can see

us in love together looking,


Toward Heaven. I love you for it

is so grand to be in love with

someone who also can see



May our love be lifted for an eternity as we both relish the peace of God?


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