(24 January 2008 by Carl A. Patton)


There had been many dark

bleak and evil days when

friends, family and those registered

as enemies tried to turn the

righteous and the unrighteous

against some principle the

man that frowned stood on.


Although he had a voice

he could not speak. They also

tried to burn and bury many

letters he wrote.


But one day as God had

foretold he met an angel

of the Universe this angel

made him smile.


Stress left and pent-up

frustrations passed as quickly

as the changing color of autumn



Now everyday is angel day.

As all things warm and

precious should be kept in

royal order and cherished as

inspiring as the full moon.


Meanwhile this angel walked,

nor cried, nor did she weep

when the rain fell in hard times.


The Creation looked all around

her, the angel stood in the midst.

As this beauty was the precious

sky the sun and all parts of the moon.


This lover never had a bad day

nor did she wish harm upon

your mind and body.


Glory to the angels that do not

speak in the common language.

I hear her talking to me once

again as I caught another tranquil,


Moment in this time of days last.

I heard the Spirit of the angel in my

times awake and even in my dreams.


Thus never leaving me as those

forsaken were those that left

and never saw are felt the presence

of the wind and space of the angel.


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