Just what is a special love beloved? Are we so different? Stand assured that we have the right to have our own unique love and this is mighty special.




My beloved  the precious

and the extraordinary come

only once in a life time.


It is for sure that there are few people that will be written down as truly special. Thus the once in a life time chance is not to be wagered on and looked at loosely.


Therefore we pray that this

chance at love and life will

be swept up in boundless

moods of passion, the results

of compassion for things

you find joy and sweet

comfort in.


Waste no time in frivolous love. Allow the romantic interludes to take over. Let not your heart be troubled as these will be good times if we just allow the righteous to occur on its own.


To give in love is more

gratifying than to receive

for those that truly understand

and know love.


Now this sums up all that love from the heart. There is pleasure left, right up and down. There is also more than pleasure when there is an unselfish feast of love.


Forever With Love,




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