Blessed darling with a lead from a quote I came upon I thought of “Righteous Love.” This was a good day as I rode down to Bedford County. The country side with horse and cattle farms makes for spell-binding scenery. I soaked it all up. I also felt and wrote the lead “Will I Shake a Farmers Hand.” I hope to do this one day for they need to be commended for staying on the precious, sweet more than once beautiful land.




My beloved I heard a writer testify

as to what has established the divine

standard for our love.


Without a doubt God has ordained the order of the love between the saints.


“A woman's heart should be so hidden

in Christ, that a man should have to seek

Him first to find her.”


With Christ first and as your shepherd as

he leads I will follow. This will allow you to

see deep inside the love of a woman.


A woman of the faith once said “I will follow you as long as you follow Christ.” This is a good thing because at your destination you will be able to see the other side of love.


Just what is deep inside the love of a

woman? More especially darling what is

deep inside our love?


Where is the deepest part of the love? Is it the other side of the heart? I could see deep inside the love of my life through her love for self and humankind. Her face revealed the depths of her love.


What is found there? Is it your sweet

fiercely committed spirit that is confident

in what you want in life?


There is the reality of falling in love. To fall in love is deep. Can you fall in love and not see deep inside the love of a woman? But what does a deep love affair reveal?


Is it the goodness of honesty that binds

a relationship on firm principles that God

has so graciously given us?


Love brings out the best in a person. As God is always at work and the righteous breathe of His pleasures.


Is the inside of your love the peace of

being able to see sunshine on a rainy cloudy day?

Is it the joy and tranquil pleasure you bring,


The love of God always paints a good picture. The ultimate optimist is the righteous one. There was never a bad are day of gloom as all days with the Lord are good days.


Me every time I hear your delightful, gentle

engaging sweet sincere voice? Is this my

love, I know of love because I know Christ?


The shepherd knows his sheep. I know my sweethearts voice. It is delightful and brings me joy. Sounds are good when offered to those that have sincerity in the air waves of their voice.


I know Christ through you my love as God

cause the righteous to embrace. And deep inside

you is a pleasurable and delicious fabric of,


God has created nothing but goodness. However we often have to open the package and when the inside is righteous we all rejoice.


Righteousness that is a blessing to me.

For this I am forever grateful to God.


Long live the King was what Pat Patrick (Ollie) Patton would often cry out as he roamed the world. Long live the Queen I cry out from every roof top and from the Watch Tower of my Love.



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